Tuesday, 15 September 2009

GLA employs BNP members as unions discuss ban

The Greater London Authority has employed two BNP members, it was confirmed last night, as unions discussed a public sector ban for all BNP members.

Chris Roberts and Tony Avery, will work with BNP London Assembly Member Richard Barnbrook.

They will replace BNP Deputy Simon Darby, who was suspended for his "spear-throwing" remarks and BNP councillor Emma Colgate.

The case will raise questions about reported plans to ban all BNP members from the public sector.

Although the positions were open to all, City Hall say they had trouble filling them with non-BNP members.

According to one senior officer:

"There has been some difficulty in providing staff prepared to work for the BNP, consequently the GLA [have] gone to an agency which had connections with persons who were prepared to work for the BNP."

Chris Roberts is perhaps best known for his failed attempt to sue Searchlight.

Less is known about Tony Avery on the other hand.

However, in the leaked BNP membership list, Avery is described as an "Activist, Experienced video editor" and as an "ESOL teacher" (English for speakers of other languages).

Perhaps he could give his new boss a few tips.


Anonymous said...

"consequently the GLA [have] gone to an agency which had connections with persons who were prepared to work for the BNP."

Are the BNP moonlighting as an employment agency now?

Chris said...

I don't think there should be an outright public sector ban on the BNP. People join the BNP because they're detached from modern society and banning them from the civil service won't help with that.

AdamB said...

It depends on the job I guess Chris. I can see the logic for maintaining the ban in the police etc, but I'm not sure a total ban would be proportionate or workable. I also agree that it would only further increase the kind of conspiracy theorising seen with the likes of Bailey


AdamB said...

"Are the BNP moonlighting as an employment agency now?"

Well if they are, Simon Darby seems to be doing very well out of it. No sooner does he get booted out of City Hall, but he gets a job in Brussels with Griffin. Happy days.

Jamie Potter said...

I agree Adam, it will only marginalise an already neglected section of society. And to be a bleeding heart liberal, it's tantamount to some kind of thought police too.

Horatius said...

A blanket ban would be quite wrong in principle. It would just be a new form of McCarthyism.

Why just pick on BNP members? Why not ban Catholics (not in tune with modern secularist ethos) or Muslims (not very gay-friendly) or communists,SWP etc (can't be trusted to deal with the tax affairs of the rich, a danger in the MOD).

If you think for five minutes you can come up with lots of examples of situations where personal beliefs conflict with job duties. But most people are perfectly capable of keeping their own views private and performing their jobs professionally.

Anonymous said...

How do employers know if someone is a BNP member? Apart from asking them or looking at the dangerously out of date membership list how would you know? Even if the 12000 people on the list were to be sacked,that would only make up 1.2% of those who voted for them in the euro election and that would leave 978,000 possible employees with Bnp views who are totally undetectable.Also sacking people for their political beliefs would be 100% discrimination.The unions are totally wrong on this.

Anonymous said...

Well Avery should fit in just right, being a teacher of ESOL classes, because as we are all very well aware Dicky has great problems with the english language.


AdamB said...

I think some dance lessons might be a bit more pressing