Friday, 4 September 2009

Ian Clement charged with five counts of fraud

Boris Johnson's former Deputy, Ian Clement has been charged with five counts of fraud, the Metropolitan Police confirmed this afternoon.

According to a statement issued by Scotland Yard:

"Ian Clement, age 44 (DOB **.*.**), from Crayford, Kent, has this morning been charged with five offences under section 1 and 2 of the Fraud Act in connection with alleged misuse of expenses.

The referral was made to police by the Greater London Authority on 24 June 2009 and the charge was placed after consideration by the Crown Prosecution Service."

The investigation began after Clement was accused of using a City Hall credit card to pay for meals with his lover and former colleagues at Bexley Council.

Some of the other guests listed at these 'business meetings' have denied ever being present.

The purchases cover a period of almost a year, and were for several months signed off by Boris Johnson.

Clement also misused his credit card at Bexley Council, although they have decided not to refer the matter to the police.

Clement's lawyer told the Bexley Times

“Mr Clement is surprised and saddened that the CPS should have felt that prosecution was appropriate.

"He has co-operated fully with the investigation, which relates to five meal expense claims which have a total value of £227.00.

"In the context of other, and far more significant, investigations it is a matter of regret that political expediency appears to be present."

He added: "Given that proceedings have been brought it is inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

Clement has been released on bail and will appear before Westminster Magistrates on September 8.

-Update- Via @Bethemediauk comes one image Boris never expected


Mark Lee said...

Did they really publish his date of birth in the press release? Now I've got even less faith in their ability to keep sensitive data private.

I wonder if the release is too late to make it to the Standard this evening?

AdamB said...

I've removed the D.O.B

The news broke around midday, so I'd be surprised if the Standard didn't get it into the paper.

SCAM said...

As always Adam spot on for your speedy acurate reporting!

Mark Lee said...

12:00 will have missed the deadline for the freesheets, which is always a shame, but it's FP on the Standard, and the newsagent at Vauxhall station seemed to be enthusiastically plastering his shop with the headline.

AdamB said...

Ah one for the family album!

I don't suppose you managed to get a picture did you?

Mark Lee said...

I have to confess, taking a pic wasn't the first thing that came to my mind, no!

Will be passing through again on my way out for the night, will take a snap if there are any sellers still open.

Anonymous said...

The BBC interview at City Hall mysteriously cut out when the reporter started to explain his odd statement about 'political expediency'. I think this is going to be an interesting story when it really gets going.

Anonymous said...

Great thing is that billboard will be displayed all weekend.

Serves Boris right for that cheap election rhetoric about Livibgstone.

Anonymous said...

After all sorts of nasty attacks on Lee Jasper that didn't lead to a single charge, we get this story. Irony indeed.

I wonder if it will get one tenth the media coverage that the attacks on Livingstone got?


Mark Lee said...

Although the Clement story was the lead on the West End Final, it does seem as though the Standard brought out another edition afterwards leading with some story about Lily Allen's mate. Interestingly at Waterloo at about 8, the Boris headline was nowhere to be seen on any front pages, and on very few headline boards. Can't help but wonder if someone at City Hall had words...

Also a shame to see that my comments on the online article never made it through (mainly pointing out the irony over the Lee Jasper allegations).

Got a pic for you Adam, but looks like you're sorted now :)

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...