Saturday, 3 October 2009

Barnbrook for Barking!

Say what you like about the BNP's Richard Barnbrook, he is always good comedic value.

Following his suspension, he's performed a mini-media blitz to restore his reputation.

So far this has involved a rather awkward press conference, a short interview on late night radio (in which we learned that Caribbeans can cook) and er, a new billboard on the A406:

I, Richard Barnbrook am going to be Barking’s next MP! I’m the candidate for the British National Party, which is the only Party that has the guts to tell it like it is. But even more than that, I’m an individual who cares; a real, ordinary person who lives in Barking and who’s a part of Barking.

That's right, Richard Barnbrook is planning to stand as Barking MP.

And he's a "real, ordinary person" you know? Rather than say, some kind of crazed racist superhero:

The comments underneath the announcement are good value:

Migrant Worker: Why don't those billboards make any mention of the BNP? Have you been booted out of the party?

5cc: That second picture is one of the funniest things I've seen in ages.

"It's quiet in the city. Almost too quiet. No knifecrime murders for the BNP to use to link to black people and call for the banning of the Notting Hill Carnival. If only there were some way of making the public think there were.

But wait! This is a job for Richard Barnbrook! ZAP! There's a made-up murder! KAPOW! There's another two! With his special 'make stuff up' powers, Barnbrook saves the day!"

Get yourselves a seat on the front row London. This is going to be priceless.


Joseph Edwards said...

Look at that billboard.

Look at it. It's like he's subcontracting out his graphics design to 1995.

Incidentally, he's able to pay for some big ol' billboard, but not for a landline number?

AdamB said...

Perhaps it's his new mobile number. Barnbrook Direct - 24 hours a day.

Joseph Edwards said...

Ah, yes, I think I've seen it in an East London phone box before. ;)

Tom said...

Please, someone, change the 'for' to an 'is'.

Marianne said...

Barnbrook's announcement includes the statement: "I have lived in the constituency for 6 years". He's lying (again). He moved into the constituency several months after he was elected as a councillor in May 2006. He cheated to qualify to stand in the election by renting a dilapidated flat in the borough just in time to get himself on the electoral register, though he never actually lived there, but continued living in southeast London.

Helen said...

Tom's right, that's a major typo on that poster.

The photo of Barnbrook pulling his shirt open is *hilarious* -reminds me of Dyamn Fool Man and Idiot Boy on The Real McCoy.

Rog T said...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it's SUPERTWAT

He's slower than a spent bullet
He's dimmer than a broken bulb
He's shallower than an open sewer

He's the man with a plan who's going down the pan !

One question I ask myself. If things are as bad as SUPERTWAT would have us believe, why did he have to MAKE UP his scare story?

Strange that

Karl said...

I do love that design. It's true that all their graphic design looks like its come from someone who's just bought their first computer in 1995. Could it be no professional design studio wants to work with them?

AdamB said...

I don't know what it is but all their publicity material from their website through to their leaflets is really garish. Is it all done by the same person or is there some other reason?

de g. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
AdamB said...

Sorry de g. I had to remove that link.

de g. said (edited):

Nationally, I believe it's still the responsibility of Griffin favourite, , proud nazi Mark Collett.

They also do everything on the cheap - hence the shitty website which crashes about every ten minutes.

Anonymous said...

Have driven past the poster today had a good look at the wording, OH Dear silly old Barnbrook is already in breach of the Sanctions placed on him by the Standards Board on the 24th Sept.

In a letter he would have been advised that ALL correspondence, leaflets and advertising MUST have the word SUSPENDED after his title and name.

Now just who is going to tell the Standards Board, and then who is going to tell Dicky?


Anonymous said...

Tulip - Have you told Councilor Val Rush ?

Old Sailor

Mark Lee said...

>>Incidentally, he's able to pay for some big ol' billboard, but not for a landline number?

It's like prostitute cards...

Alex said...

That's actually quite weird. I assumed he must have registered one of the "virtual number"/follow-me numbers - but they're mostly in the 070xx ranges. That's a T-Mobile (in fact, ex-One2One) assignment!

AdamB said...

Normally he just puts his own mobile number on leaflets etc, so either he's lost his phone at the pub again and this is his new number, or it's the number of one of his assistants at City Hall.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Oh this is going to be very, very funny indeed.

What a twat.

Anonymous said...

Yes Old Sailor


Rumbold said...

I wonder if he is standing, as the post has no almost vanished from his blog, leaving only the poster. Maybe someone in the BNP high command yelled at him.

AdamB said...

It must have been a glitch Rumbold, it all seems to be there now.