Thursday, 15 October 2009

Boris Johnson an elected dictator says Andrew Boff

Boris Johnson is an elected dictator whose job should be scrapped, a Conservative Assembly Member said today.

Following a call by Conservative Home to abolish the body that holds the Tory Mayor to account, Andrew Boff wrote:

"Abolishing the London Assembly would be a good first step on the road to abolishing the elective dictatorship that is the Mayoralty.

Assembly members do actually work very hard in my experience (this was not my view before getting elected) but they are doing a job that could be performed by the Boroughs or a beefed up London Councils ( ).

There will be a saving but it won't be as much as £8m as some of our roles would have to be transferred to the Boroughs."

Boff has said openly what I'm sure other Tory Assembly Members would agree with privately, and it's certainly a principled stance to propose giving yourself the sack.

But if the Mayoralty is such a bad idea for London, then why did he stand for it himself?

The Evening Standard have now followed up this story


Chris said...

"But if the Mayoralty is such a bad idea for London, then why did he stand for it himself?"

The same reason as Boris I would expect - destroy it from the inside.

saifu03 said...

The one thing that always strikes me about Tory "thoughts" is how under-researched it is. "Common sense" is found time and again to not actually be the correct course. This is it:
"Assembly members do actually work very hard in my experience (this was not my view before getting elected) "

Basically, "I thought something based on nothing whatsoever, then when I looked at it, found out I was talking crap".

Does this remind you of our esteemed mayor? Can loads of projects, wait a bit, reinstate them.
Or when he got elected and told people at a homosexual community speech that he hated the idea of it (homosexual communities) before but now can see he was wrong.
I find the selfishness of Dave "NHS is good service, I used it" Cameron more annoying as he is happy to cut all public services that he has not used as those must be inefficient. The ones he has used are fine.
You can say it is good to change your mind, but it is better to wait before making up your mind in the first place. Then you might get it right in the first instance.

AdamB said...

To be fair, some AMs do work harder than others.

Anonymous said...

Is this a diversion from Boris Johnson's attack on the poor today?

AdamB said...

A diversion by who?

Andrew Boff said...

"But if the Mayoralty is such a bad idea for London, then why did he stand for it himself?"
For the same reason that the SNP stand for westminster - it's where you can make a difference.

Anonymous said...

A diversion by the Conservatives in an attempt to get the media talking about personalities again, rather than focussing on the real world impacts of Boris Johnson's appalling fare hikes, which seem deliberately engineered to hit the poorest hardest.

I don't have a great knowledge of the Conservative Party in London so I may well be barking up the wrong tree altogether and seeing a conspiracy where there isn't one. Perhaps they are too disarrayed (or dim) to come up with a conspiracy. I bow to your greater knowledge of the subject.

Harold said...

Anonymous - it's not you who appears to be barking in any shape or form!

saifu03 said...

Andrew Boff is honest, he knows that he is part of an incompetent grouping that is doing more harm to London than literally "nobody".

Can he really not see the benefits to London off having an elected Assembly? It is difficult at present sometimes.
I was always told by people that believed the Bori-spin at election time that the massive improvements to london over the Ken-era were merely a function of having *somebody* (ie the Assembly) to actually push things through for London.

Did Boff espouse the view that he was running for a post he thought was a waste of time and money whilst trying to get there?

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

"But if the Mayoralty is such a bad idea for London, then why did he stand for it himself?"

Because he's a cock?

AdamB said...

No Andrew seems like a decent guy. I don't agree with much of his politics but he is one of the better Tory AMs in my opinion. He's generally on the liberal side of the party from what I can tell. It's just a shame he seeks to "make a difference" by scrapping the one body who is actually holding the Mayor to account.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

But isn't that what Tories do? In their urge to de-regulate everything they remove the checks and balances?

AdamB said...

It's a selective deregulation. Deregulation of things they disapprove of (like strategic London government) but not of things they do approve of. There are plenty of authoritarians in the party like Brian Coleman who would happily ban protests etc.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

If you need just one reason to abolish the GLA - Brian Coleman is it!

Brian Coleman aka Mr Toad has GOT to go said...

"Brian Coleman who would happily ban protests"

And blogs! Even more happily.

Tom said...

There's a good deal of blue water between Brian (something of a hang-em-and-flog-em authoritarian) and Andrew Boff, who recently expressed himself as inclined towards the German FDP, who are a liberal party aligned, in the European Parliament, with the Lib Dems, with a libertarian twist.

[Is there nobody in the Conservatives who likes Angela Merkel, then? Thought she'd be right up your street.]

Anonymous said...

It is very clear that Boris Johnson needs to go the sooner the better. He will create a divide because he appears to be kissing the rich and kicking the poor. This is not a Mayoralty for the people but a Mayoralty for the rich .