Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Misconduct halts the Coleman "revolution" (briefly)

Brian Coleman's plans for a "revolution" on the London Fire Authority were brought to a halt today after one of his fellow Tories was suspended for misconduct.

As Paul Waugh reports, Brent Councillor Bertha Joseph has been barred from her council and LFEPA for six months after using charitable sponsorship money to pay for her ball gowns.

Fellow Tory Fire Authority Member Tony Arbour was also suspended from Richmond Council yesterday after being found guilty of disclosing confidential information.

A spokesman for Richmond Council said:

“Cllr Tony Arbour, ward member for Hampton Wick, has been suspended from Richmond Council duty for 28 days due to his disclosure of confidential information, prior to the completion of the purchase of land in Broom Road, Teddington, in February, 2009.

“The Standards Hearing sub-committee judged unanimously that Cllr Arbour had breached paragraph 4 of the Members’ Code of Conduct. The suspension will begin on 19 October, during which time Cllr Arbour will be unable to take part in formal Council business.”

However, unlike Joseph, he has not been suspended from LFEPA.

Joseph's suspension follows the defection of Labour member of the authority Betty Evans-Jacas to the Tories earlier this week.

Coleman was exultant at this move, giving him as it did, a working majority on LFEPA for the first time.

With this majority he would have finally been able to push through his planned "Coleman revolution." This is thought to include:
  • Changes to Firefighter shift patterns
  • Removal of beds from fire stations.
  • Removal of diversity officers
  • Removal of support staff from opposition members
  • Removal of his political opponents from committee Chairmanships
  • Removal of a fire escape at LFEPA headquarters in order to make a private entrance for himself and authority members.

With Bertha gone, Londoners will be spared this revolution a little longer.

Paul Waugh reports that Joseph will not be suspended from LFEPA after all. The revolution is back on!


asquith said...

Is it a bit like the Ron Paul revolution then?

Rob said...

Paul's updated the story - Joseph not suspended from LFEPA.

AdamB said...

Thanks Rob, looks like the revolution is back on then.

Probably only until the next local elections though, as Joseph will be deselected.

Anonymous said...

There's some more details about the Arbour case at the Standard.

It looks like the libdems have stitched him up.

harold said...

You don't say whether she has offerd to pay back the money for the ball gowns.

AdamB said...

She's appealing the decision and has denied any wrongdoing, so I suspect not.

She didn't turn up for the hearing for some reason though.

James said...

AdamB said...

Thanks James, I'm going to try to make it along.