Monday, 9 November 2009

Who is this mysterious follower of Kit Malthouse?

The Deputy Mayor of London Kit Malthouse speaking at Mayor's Question Time last month:

"There is an increasing trend, and I have raised this a couple of times before in the Assembly, for opposition Members, and in particular John Biggs, to ask very wide and open and specious and facetious questions which are designed to be provocative and not, actually, designed to do what we are supposed to do, which is scrutinise the working of the Mayor. They have become overtly political and sour and I think that does a disservice to all the people watching both here and on the web. I think you need to get a grip on this."

Indeed. Here at the Troll, we also get a lot of 'overtly political and sour' comments from certain individuals. Like this one:

Or this one, left from the same IP address earlier this year:

Both these comments (and a number of others) were left by somebody repeatedly searching Google for "Kit Malthouse"

And it appears that I'm not alone. Since beginning this post, I've been in contact with one other blogger who has also noticed this strange pattern of searches and comments.

So who is this rather 'sour' individual? Well here's all of their contributions to Wikipedia:

Classical Music and Kit Malthouse? A perfectly acceptable if slightly narrow set of interests.

And what have they added to our knowledge of these vast and important subjects? Well here's all of their additions to Kit's page:

birth date =Birth year and age 1966
birth place = Liverpool
nationality = United Kingdom British
nationality = United Kingdom British
spouse = Juliana Farha
party = Conservative Party (UK) Conservative Party
party = Conservative Party (UK) Conservative Party
children = 1 son
profession = Chartered Accountant
website =

Malthouse was born on October 27th 1966 in the Toxteth area of Liverpool in the North West of England. He was educated at [Liverpool College]. later he studied Politics and Economics at the [University of Newcastle Upon Tyne], under [Professor Hugh Berrington], one of the last great academic Liberals, and [Professor Michael Clarke], now Director of the [Royal United Services Institute]. On graduation he moved to London.
==Business Career==
Kit trained to be a [Chartered Accountant] at [Touche Ross & Co] (now Deloittes), qualifying in 2004. He then left and worked as Finance Director of the Cannock Group of companies. He led the management buyout of the part of that group called the County Holdings and is now chairman of the company. In 2006 he was a founder director of Alpha Strategic PLC where he also remains as a director.

=Career at Westminster Council, 1998-2006==
During his eight years on the Council, Malthouse had two major jobs, first in charge of Social Services and second, as Deputy Leader in charge of finance. Both these roles involved in him a number of high profile campaigns:

Malthouse was elected to the council in May 1998 representing St George's ward in the Pimlico area of central London. Following boundary changes he was re-elected in May 2002 for Warwick Ward also in Pimlico.

Within the first 12 months Malthouse was appointed as Chief Whip of the Conservative Group, and shortly thereafter, following a change of leader to [Sir Simon Milton] he was appointed Chairman of the Social Services Committee. Two years later he was elected Deputy Leader of the Council and became Cabinet Member for Finance.

During his time on the Council Kit was involved in a number of high profile campaigns

Malthouse is a member of the board of the [[Association of Police Authorities]] and the [[London Regional Resilience Forum]]. He also sits on the Ministerial Steering Group of the [[London Criminal Justice Board]].
Following the resignation of [[Ray Lewis]] Malthouse also inherited responsibility for devising the Mayor's youth plan, designed to produce long term cultural change in those young people drifting into crime and violence. The plan, called [["Time for Action"]] was published in November 2008.
Kit Malthouse is also Chair of the [[London Hydrogen Partnership]] and leads at [[City Hall]] on proposals for a new [[Thames Estuary Airport]] to replace [[Heathrow]].

Wow, that's quite a biography. So what about the other important subject in their lives.

Well their interest and knowledge here seems rather narrower.

Here's their one and only (rejected) contribution, to the external links list of the "Classical Music" page:

Hmm. Would that be the same Dilettante Music that Kit Malthouse is a director of?

Oh yes, so it is:

So who is this mysterious commentator and why are they so fixated with the life and times of the most honourable Deputy Mayor of London?


D-Notice said...

Is this the new Andrew Gilligan?

AdamB said...

No, there's only one of those.

Wireman said...

I think at the last count, there was only five of those.

rooftopjaxx said...

Sock-puppeteers of the World Unite - You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Claims!

Tom said...

"I think at the last count, there was only five of those."

Bdum-*tching*. Every one a Maserati.

Where is the old sockpuppeter? Still whinging about Greenwich? The Right's answer to Dave Hill hasn't started well...

AdamB said...

I believe he's looking for the as yet unknown missing link between teh evil Olympics and teh evil Muslims.

pureweevil said...

Beautiful, beautiful research. The Kit Doghouse fanclub can lurk but he can't hide.