Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Boris Johnson removes hundreds of police officers

Boris Johnson today denied that he will reduce the number of police officers in London, despite proposing to do just that last week.

The Mayor's budget consultation unequivocally states that:

Over the three years to 2012-13, the number of Police Officers is forecast to decrease by 455, while PCSOs remain the same and Special Constables increase by 2,690.

Yet when Liberal Democrat Assembly Member Dee Doocey, put this to him today he told her that she was "completely wrong."

Boris: That's not my understanding of what's happening to police numbers...

Dee Doocey: It appears under your signature

Boris: And there have never been more police on the streets of London than at any time in out history...

Dee : [Passes a copy of Boris's budget along] Can you pass that to the Mayor?

Boris: Our objective is to get them onto the streets...

Dee: I'm sorry I'm going to pass you a copy of your budget.

[John Biggs puts the sheet on Boris's desk. Boris looks straight ahead]

Chairman: Is there anything else that you would like to add to your answer?

Boris: No I think that Dee is completely wrong...

Dee: It's in your budget

The Mayor's denial appears to rest on the claim that the Met's current "civilianisation" programme will increase the proportion of police officers brought out on to the streets.

However, how the Met chooses to use it's officers is a separate issue to how many officers the Mayor is actually prepared to pay for.

As Dee Doocey said after today's meeting:

"The last thing London needs is a reduction in police numbers, but that is exactly what Boris Johnson is planning to do. It adds insult to injury that the Mayor even denies this is going to happen, despite the proposed cuts clearly set out in his own draft budget!

"London needs a Mayor who understands the need to sustain police officers and is aware of the proposals in his own budget. Sadly under Boris Johnson we have neither."

When Gordon Brown suggested that Boris would cut the police budget and police numbers, Boris accused him of misleading the house.

In reality Boris has now done both.


Chris said...

Surely nobody ever believed that Boris would save money from closing wine cellars or whatever? The big ticket savings were always in the police and TFL which is exactly where he has made cuts.

AdamB said...

I think that's basically right Chris. Most of the Mayor's budget goes on transport and policing so that's where he has to make the savings. Of course he can't admit that so he just highlights the minor less controversial savings elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Who needs police officers when you've got Super Mayor!

saifu03 said...

I have saved some time by amendiung a previous post:

"I didn't do it!"
It is like having Bart Simpson in charge of London. The phrase is usually about one hand not knowing what the other is doing, but when Mayor does not know what is in the the budget, that is like each finger not knowing what the others are doing.
In a way, it is quite good that these guys could not run anything as it will hopefully be obvious to the people that they were duped by "Have I Got News For You"'s Boris Johnson.

AdamB said...

As Martin from MayorWatch said yesterday, Boris looked at his budget like he'd never seen it before. I wouldn't be terribly surprised...

Anonymous said...

Any Idiot can tell you that less Police leads to more crime in a City like London. Will London become a Gotham City : Get rid of a Commissioner for Police " Sir Ian Blair ", employ Ray Lewis as Deputy Mayor even though Boris Johnson was warned about his past criminality and decided to ignore the warnings , then there was theft by another Deputy Mayor and now take away Police . This is a recipe for Disaster and Boris Johnson and his Advisor's are clearly out of their depth and have no real long term vision. Im starting to wonder if Boris Johnson and others in the Conservative ranks really care. Maybe Gothan City will become a reality.

Anonymous said...

As someone once said to me "The only rule in life is that there's two sort of people in the world. Those who can get away with it. And those who can't". Johnson is of the former. He can give away addresses of journalists to people threatening to beat them up, lie about axeing the South London Line etc etc. He laughs because he can get away with it