Thursday, 10 December 2009

Ian Clement: Little Joke in Big China

Ian Clement, spy

"We contacted Clement via his public relations o. ce Champions, who boast such after-dinner speaking alumni as Mark Preston and Willie Thorne (we've never heard of them either). Apparently he was "extremely busy until the New Year" – public urinals don't clean themselves – but would discuss it for a fee."

Oh dear. I think the size of that fee will have just got that little bit smaller.


chpaul said...

The Tories have really dropped him like a stone haven't they. Did you see that comment from the Mayor's office about him doing "nothing of significance" in Beijing?

AdamB said...

"Mr Johnson's spokesman said: "Neither the Mayor nor anyone in his team knew anything about this.

"He has greatly exaggerated his role in Beijing and at no point was he involved in decisions of any significant consequence."