Monday, 14 December 2009

Nick Griffin rumoured to be visiting City Hall

City Hall are laying on extra security measures in the light of rumours that Nick Griffin is due to make an appearance at this week's Mayor's Question Time.

Griffin, who announced his plan to stand as Barking MP just months after Richard Barnbrook did the same, turned up at meeting of Barking and Dagenham Council last week.

He also launched his campaign beside Barnbrook and appears to be regularly campaigning alongside him.

Barnbrook is also due, for the second month in a row, to ask a question about Nick Griffin's appearance on BBC Question Time.

All of this has contributed to speculation amongst City Hall officials that Griffin is due to make a surprise appearance this Wednesday.

If he does, he will hear Boris Johnson's response to the following question from Barnbrook:

City Hall meetings are already well staffed with security guards so it is not clear exactly what these extra security measures would entail.

However, it may just be something along the lines of the reported "coping strategy" drawn up by Boris Johnson in advance of Barnbrook's first meeting at City Hall.

One factor that may deter Griffin is the dire performance shown by both Barnbrook and his fellow conspiracy theorist Bob Bailey in Barking and Dagenham last week:

"There were quite ridiculous scenes at a council meeting in Barking & Dagenham last night when leading BNP members publicly fell out with each other. In front of about 40 BNP supporters packed into the public gallery, including BNP leader Nick Griffin, Bob Bailey, the leader of the BNP group on the council tried to stop GLA member Richard Barnbrook from raising the Africans for Essex issue in the chamber.

Barnbrook refused to be silenced and continued, much to Bailey's annoyance. Bailey was heard to tell Barnbrook to shut the **** up. Barnbrook replied that he would say what he liked, to which Bailey retored: "not as long as I'm leader."

(More from Lancaster Unity)

A wider difficulty for Griffin is that he may risk further association with a man who he clearly did not trust to stand as a London MP.

As I wrote at the Guardian, the problem for Griffin and the BNP generally is that Richard Barnbrook has been a humiliating failure in London.

Any appearance at City Hall could gather a lot of publicity for the Barking candidate, but it would also risk even more exposure for the reliably useless Barnbrook.

If I were Nick Griffin, I would keep my distance.

-Update- City Hall's security team were apparently not very pleased to find out that their ultra-secret and ultra-secure Nick Griffin operation has been revealed on this not so secret or secure blog. Well if they would go around telling everybody about it...


Tommy said...

Griffin hasn't got a hope in hell of winning Barking or any other parliamentary seat in the country and the only reason he won a seat in the Euros is because of proportional representation and even then it was a close thing. The whole thing is a stunt.

AdamB said...

What's a stunt?

The Anti Christ said...

What's a humiliating failiure?

AdamB said...

Richard Barnbrook

AdamB said...

I think City Hall security can relax as Griffin appears to be hanging around in Copenhagen still