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Wednesday, 27 January 2010


In recent years, we in the Conservative Party, may have inadvertently given the impression, that Boris Johnson's chairmanship of the Metropolitan Police Authority was a vital part of making London safer and a sign of the strong leadership the Conservatives would provide nationally.

Manifesto commitments such as "I will chair the Metropolitan Police Authority," "I will use my influence as Mayor and chair of the MPA to reduce the burden of form-filling" and headlines such as "Commisioner Boris" and "Boris would become Police Commissioner" may have suggested to some that he would personally take charge of London policing.

We now realise that his time is far better spent elsewhere and we would like to apologise for any confusion caused.


quietzapple said...

Did not Mr David Chameleon, who likes to think of himself as Bojo's smarter, more level headed elder cousin decide that Bojo should be unelected Commissioner of Police for London a while back?

(I think the wheeze is that the post should be part of the elected role of Mayor, but that Mad Boris, having been elected largely because people didn't like Red Ken's identification with car restrictions, should be appointed if Cameron wins)

Who will be to blame when the cuts in police lead to more crime?

Chris said...

Exclusive to all Conservatives...

AdamB said...

"Who will be to blame when the cuts in police lead to more crime?"

Anyone but our Dear Leader of course.

Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson in my view has jumped ship. Did Boris Johnson not understand the job description regarding the post as Chair for The Metropolitan Police Authority before and after he became Mayor for London.Now that he has resigned as Chair for the MPA he should now hand in his resignation as Mayor for London. Let us also face reality here because Boris Johnson did not have much respect from two of his own Deputy Mayor's Ray Lewis and the other one that was charged with fraud.I wonder if people within The Metropolitan Police Authority cannot trust Boris Johnson or cannot take him seriously.Whatever the case Boris Johnson in my view seemed like a bit of an odd ball to be Chair of the MPA.

Anonymous said...

Well perhaps, having been such a great success on crime, he wishes to concentrate on transport where he is also similarly achieving, er, well things.

DO you get the impression Boris' heart isn't in this job anymore?

Tom said...

"DO you get the impression Boris' heart isn't in this job anymore?"

I think he's still just as keen on the 'Boris for King-Emperor of Everything' project, but the MPA fiasco does demonstrate again that Team Boris concentrated more on getting elected than on working out policy, but we sort of knew that.