Thursday, 7 January 2010

Boris Island Airport is "pie in the sky" report claims

Boris Johnson's Island Airport plans are "pie in the sky" and would cause an environmental catastrophe a new report claims.

The report drawn up by Conservative controlled Medway Council, objects to the airport on nine separate grounds:

(i) It is unnecessary and not wanted
(ii) The cost of an airport would be prohibitive
(iii) The current infrastructure would not cope with huge increases in traffic
(iv) The environmental damage would be catastrophic
(v) The noise, light and air pollution would be intolerable
(vi) The risk of air strike from migrating and nesting wildfowl would be high especially as this is an internationally important site for wildlife
(vii) The airport would be disproportionately affected by fog and high winds
(viii) The airport would lead to blight in the surrounding area including falling property prices and uncertainty for many years about inward investment into Medway
(ix) Kent County Council is promoting Manston as an airport destination and this provides a viable alternative

Medway Council Leader Rodney Chambers said today:

“This report to Cabinet shows exactly what we already knew – that the Mayor of London’s plans for an estuary airport are completely pie in the sky.

“His feasibility study has not taken into account so many things such as the distance it would be from London and whether passengers or airlines would actually want this, it has ignored the fact that there is a port importing a huge quantity of Liquid Natural Gas everyday and has made only a very arbitrary study of the transport links needed.

“I urge as many people as possible to sign our petition and help us stop this ill thought out airport."

The Conservative leader of Kent County Council Paul Carter has also joined the campaign against the airport.

You can sign their petition here


john b said...

Oddly, the Kent Tories' self-interested NIMBYfest has achieved the deeply improbable and actually made me feel positively disposed towards Borisport.

I'm sure I'll recover soon enough...

AdamB said...

I'm sure you will too. Nimbys they may be, but they also happen to be right.

They also happen to be elected representatives in the area affected by the airport, unlike Boris.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the airport as long as Boris is willing to move there and run it.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Consider it signed sir!

AdamB said...

Good man.

I think the problem with their campaign is that the airport seems so "pie in the sky" at the moment that it will be hard for them to rally mass opposition to it. It could all change if a new government has a change of heart though.

Anonymous said...

An estuary airport? Take heed Boris! Alongside the RSPB, Medway Council, KCC, Kent Wildlife Trust, numerous other groups and people from around the UK and all over the world we fought a massively successful campaign to say 'No to an Airport at Cliffe. The threats and risks remain the same and we will ALL be ready to fight again at a moments notice should the need ever arise. Conservation and Communities United!
Friends of the North Kent Marshes

angelneptunestar said...

Adam I know you appreciate a laugh, so have to tell you this. I wrote a bio. of Boris because some Canadian tweeters liked his horoscope. A man tweeted me that as a classics scholar, no doubt Boris knows the difference betwen a biography and a hagiography! Ever since I have had huge fits of the giggles. Is it that bad then?

bob said...

Off topic, but have you seen this enjoyable if politically irrelevant piece of news:
Boris Johnson's ex-wife, 45, in secret marriage to Muslim aged 23

angelneptunestar said...

I saw that and my reaction was "Good for her!" I hope they are extremely happy.

angelneptunestar said...

I am also sorry if this is off topic, but Boris came to West Hampstead this morning to talk about London and local issues. I took notes and summarised the discussion.

I am not a professional journalist, so apologise if my reporting is not up to standard, however, hope you get a flavour of the meeting.

AdamB said...

My first thoughts were:

1) why is she telling the world about her family problems?
2) Why are the Mail and the Standard devoting so much space to them?

Very odd.

H said...

No to Tracy Island!