Thursday, 14 January 2010

Boris Johnson: The King Canute of housing

Boris Johnson is in Charlton today celebrating the success of his housing strategy.

Or five years ago in fact:

[Labour] Leader of Greenwich Council Chris Roberts said:

“We are delighted that Mayor Johnson should visit a housing development in Greenwich. Planning for the development began in 2006 when Greenwich Council agreed to sell the land to a housing association. Funding was then identified from central Government and Greenwich Council granted planning permission on 18 May 2008, within days of Mayor Johnson’s election."

Another one of Boris's big achievements then!


Tom said...

Nice one, Adam, I thought the dates didn't quite fit. Started on site April 2009, which means planning must have been a year so before, and the land deal earlier than that.

The GLA did contribute £204k to upgrade it from Code 3 to Code 5 for sustainable housing, which as far as I'm concerned is an excellent thing. I'd be very interested to know if Boris intends to do any more of this or if the team that worked on this exists, given the reduction in profile for environmental teams within the GLA.

The HA involved, Family Mosaic, also sponsored Black History Month.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find it's spelled 'Cnut'

AdamB said...

There's no need to be rude Anon ;)

Thanks for the extra background Tom.

chpaul said...

This is nothing the other day he was claiming credit for reversing global warming!

Mike Tuffrey AM (Lib Dem Press release) said...

Mayor is off the tracks on housing - Tuffrey

Mike Tuffrey, the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Housing Spokesman, commenting on the Mayor’s claims about delivering affordable homes for London said:

“The Mayor talks a good talk on housing, but his real record is not one to boast about.

“It is quite frankly bare cheek for the Mayor to claim that he is on track in delivering affordable housing when the facts show that one of the Mayor’s key pledges to Londoners will be missed by a huge margin.

“The Mayor was elected promising to deliver 50,000 affordable homes by 2011. He even promised this again in his housing strategy published just last Summer. Today’s announcement simply confirms that he will fall short of this target by at least 10,000 homes.”

saifu03 said...

To be fair he does say "delivered".

What will Boris do at the tail end of his mayoralty when stuff Ken did stops being "delivered"?

AdamB said...

"Delivered" like a paperboy delivering someone else's news.

The Evening Standard also have an article on this now

Labour press release said...

Boris Johnson tries to hide failure by claiming credit for new home projects started by Labour!

Despite failing to deliver his key election pledge on housing, Conservative Mayor of London Boris Johnson today attempts to claim credit for new homes projects started by Labour.

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s visit to a housing project in Labour-run Greenwich this morning and his claim that he has delivered 20,000 affordable homes across London since becoming Mayor, Labour's housing spokesperson on the London Assembly, NICKY GAVRON said:

"You almost have to admire Boris’s chutzpah in taking credit for homes he has had nothing to do with. These were started long before he was in City Hall and if he had been in charge with the policies he has you can guarantee they wouldn’t have happened."

Housing and Planning Minister JOHN HEALEY said:

“At a time when London’s need for new affordable homes has never been higher, the truth is the Mayor wants to cut back. He has powers that no other elected politician has, but he is not using his influence to the full. London needs an ambitious Mayor with ambitious plans for affordable housing if is to be a successful global city and a fair place to live.”

Minister for London TESSA JOWELL said:

“20,000 extra affordable homes are welcome. But the fact is many of these were started under Ken Livingstone’s Labour administration. And to be fair, Boris should acknowledge this.

“London’s economy needs affordable housing as much as Londoners want affordable homes to live in.

“That’s why it’s disappointing that the Mayor’s pledge for 50,000 new affordable homes will be broken, while his proposals on affordable housing mean there will be fewer housing opportunities available to those Londoners who need them most.”

Lion said...

Actually anon it can be Canute or Cnut or Knut, though Cnut is probably more accurate. I read a history of pre-Normal England which referred to Cnut and then his son Harthacanute. Doesn't really matter.

Harold said...

Isn't this the same as Oyster on the overground - most of the groundwork was done when Ken was in linking TfL and the rail companies. Boris just had to get out of bed and dot the 'i's and make the tea?

Chris said...

What happened to the Evening Standard article?

AdamB said...

How strange. It seems to have been taken down for some reason.

angelneptunestar said...

He'll fight him any place, any time! Ken! Stay way from him! You can't win! BORIS AND KEN - THE REMATCH.

AdamB said...

If you're going to link spam here all the time can you try to make it relevant to the original post please?

Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson in my opinion makes statements like a con man!

prj45 said...

Difference betwen Boris and Cnut is that Cnut was trying to show his sycophantic courtiers he had no power over the waves, whereas Boris appears to be trying to show his sycophantic supporters he has the power to travel back in time and start things during the previous mayorality.

saifu03 said...

Harold, there is a difference between oyster and this.
Here, everything was done, not i's to dot nor t's to cross.
Oyster, the companies that are fully integrated in and work without OEPs are Ken's. The ones where you need to faff were done under Boris. i.e. he just messed up the very good pass he got.

Serious Q, can someone make a list of openings and photo opps BJ has been to and compare which ones he did anything for and those he didn't.
Public Transport and Housing aside which was all Ken's work, what has he done?

angelneptunestar said...

Labour bringing in Ken to fight Boris in Operation Stop Boris is like when British Intelligence used a corpse in Operation Mincemeat to fool the Nazis. That actually worked, but this won’t. (JOKE)