Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Boris pressured to release Prince Charles letters

The New Statesman, The Guardian and now the Evening Standard have all picked up on my Prince Charles story from yesterday.

According to the Standard:

"Mr Johnson is understood to receive handwritten memos from the Prince “every few months”. Sources also claim the Mayor has met Charles at Clarence House every three or four months.

It raises questions over how far Charles influenced the Chelsea Barracks housing project. The development was dropped last June by its Qatari backers after Charles wrote to them criticising its modernist appearance."

Of course there's nothing wrong with Prince Charles writing to the Mayor. Where the problem lies, is when the nature of that correspondence is withheld from the public.

"Political blogger Adam Bienkov, who submitted the FoI request, said: “Prince Charles chose to get involved in a highly political planning decision so he should play by the same rules as everyone else. If our future king is interfering with democratic processes then we should be told.

“Boris Johnson has spoken about the importance of open government. He needs to stand by his word now and release this correspondence.”

If the Prince and the Mayor's involvement in the Chelsea Barracks decision was all above board then they've got nothing to worry about.

Just release all of the correspondence so that we can decide for ourselves.


darryl said...

Interesting. The Standard loves its royalty, of course.

Did Charles ever bend Ken's ear about stuff?

AdamB said...

Ken is quoted as saying he wasn't in the Standard piece.

I don't think he ever got on with Royals generally for one reason or another

Anonymous said...

What's the point in being Prince if you can't tell the London Mayor what to do?

Mark L said...

Looks like the article's been pulled Adam.

AdamB said...

Yes it does seem to have been. Just trying to find out why.

Karl said...

It still made a nice front page though, if you can find a Standard from somewhere.

Paul Hogan said...

When will it all stop!

AdamB said...

Was that a philosophical question?

AdamB said...

Karl, Mark - I'm still not sure why it was pulled from the website. It was in both editions of the actual paper though.

Anonymous said...

Paul Hogan wonders when it will all stop.
When Britain becomes a republic, presumably.