Thursday, 4 March 2010

Boris Johnson "reluctant" to sack Bertha Joseph

The word coming out of City Hall is that Boris Johnson is still "considering" sacking the disgraced Deputy Chair of the Fire Authority Bertha Joseph.

Well don't hurry yourself Boris. It's only been five months since she was suspended.

Leader of the Labour group on the London Assembly, Len Duvall, said today:

"Boris has known about this since October, if not before. You have to wonder why it's taking him so long to decide whether someone who spent money intended for children's charities on ball gowns for herself is not fit for office? I understand Boris's reluctance to lose yet another appointment in sleazy circumstances but it's time he did the right thing and removed this councillor from his administration."

Boris had previously refused to sack Bertha Joseph, telling me that there was "nothing to prevent" her from staying.

However, things have got sticky for Bertha in the past few days and the police have even been called in.

Faced with this, Boris has now written to Bertha and given her another 14 days to think about it.

As Pippa Crerar reports at the Standard:

"She is effectively being told to go - I hear that she knows this and will do the right thing - but the Mayor is reluctant to give his political enemies the prize they have been so desperately seeking. Especially as Bertha was a Labour councillor at the time of the offences."

In other words she should go, but she shouldn't go. And it's all a vendetta. And besides she's Labour anyway. Or she was once. Or something...

Decisive leadership there Boris.

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