Friday, 19 March 2010

Why Brian Coleman was sacked

Brian Coleman was sacked as Chair of a National fire council because of "multiple concerns" about his behaviour towards others.

The sacking, which I first reported on Tuesday has now been picked up by the Local Government Chronicle:

"London Assembly Member and Barnet LBC councillor Brian Coleman (Con) has been sacked as chair of the National Joint Council for Local Authority Fire and Rescue Services.

The decision to remove him from post was made by the Local Government Association’s political group leaders, and conveyed in an e-mail from chief executive John Ransford.

It follows complaints about Cllr Coleman’s behaviour at a meeting of the National Joint Council (NJC) in December last year.

Cllr Coleman said he accepted he had been “extremely rude” at the meeting, but insisted he had been enraged by what he described as fellow councillors’ stretching of business. “

"The cause of this sacking was pressure from the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish members of the NJC, or as a senior officer from the LGA described them to me, ‘the Celts’,” he said

Now I've also spoken to people involved in this and they've told me that "the cause" was Brian's consistently belligerent attitude and abusive behaviour towards other politicians and members of staff.

Behaviour that he has repeated at Boris Johnson's Fire authority.

This was confirmed by the LGC:

"A senior LGA source said that complaints about Cllr Coleman had not been limited to the NJC’s non-English contingent and that efforts to resolve the dispute had failed.

“There are multiple concerns about Brian Coleman’s behaviour in a range of different circumstances,” they said.

“This case isn’t an isolated incident, it is repeated bad behaviour.”

Unfortunately, it's bad behaviour that Boris Johnson appears willing to tolerate. Why is that?


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Bojo!

Knows how to pick 'em - eh?

Looks like his remaining senior execs will need to commit pretty serious assaults to be sacked/resigned as so many already have.

captain said...

Spot on!

Isn't it disgusting when public servants are foul mouthed and abusive? Typical Tories eh? Can't you get a piece in the Guardian about his shocking case of bullying behaviour towards others.

I can't understand why Number 10 and other Labour stalwarts haven't come out on this. Surely Gordon Brown...ah yes...the PM. Hmmm maybe not. wouldn't look too good would it? Kinda raises the question why a lowly public servant should be sacked when the head honcho himself is possibly not averse to a tad of bullying.


AdamB said...

If Gordon Brown was sacked for abusive behaviour or reduced canteen staff to tears, and written evidence was found of it, then it would be all over the papers - and rightfully so.

And this impacts on a story about Brian Coleman how?

Robert said...

I think the shredding machine are working overtime at number ten, I think Brown has stated he is a tad bad tempered and a lousy politician

harold said...

How on earth can the media keep suggesting Boris is clean show?
Still, he has one bonus - he can claim to be cutting waste at the GLA - taxi bills and lunch bills should fall dramatically, now!

barry rochford said...

I have just had a Tory paper through the door pre-election. Well p;roduced and their claims are no worse than anyone else's until you look at the back page on Boris's achievements. We know you have to put a gloss when electioneering, but honestly:
Cutting waste and bureaucracy?
More police officers on the streets?
Promoting cycling via skyrides (as if it was his initiative)
opposed third runway at Heathrow (nothing on the Estuary)
Free travel for veterans (as if it was new and by him)
Oh and getting rid of bendy -buses - may be a mirage but I saw a number 12 gliding alon the other day.
Maybe you could list Boris's top ten real achievements, Adam?

Don't Call Me Dave said...

What I find curious is that both of Barnet’s local papers have completely avoided this story about Brian Coleman’s sacking. I’m sure it can’t have anything to do with advertising contracts.

Rog T said...

The local press has reported the story. They've said Brian Coleman has denied that he was sacked :-

AdamB said...

When has anybody known Brian Coleman to "stand down" from anything? At the LFEPA meeting last week he said that the story of his departure would be "exclusively" revealed in the Local Government Chronicle. Unfortunately for him they didn't buy his version of events.

Maybe he thought he'd have an easier ride with the Barnet Times.