Friday, 23 April 2010

Brian Coleman quizzed by Met after phone "threat"

Boris Johnson's fire chief was questioned by police this week after a woman accused him of a threatening and "intimidating" phone call.

Independent candidate Linda Edwards, who runs a charity linked to Barnet council claims Brian Coleman warned it would:

"suffer after the election” because of her candidacy and added it is “now open season for everyone to have a knock at you and [your charity] The Larches will suffer...

“After the call I felt he was trying to get me to pull out and not stand for the council. I was so worried by the threats he made about the charity and me.”

Edwards is one of a group of twelve independents standing against "the direction of some of the Council's policies and its failure to listen to local people."

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told me this morning:

"We can confirm on Monday 19 April police in Barnet received a complaint from a female complaining of an abusive phone call she had received from a man.

Officers from Colindale assessed the complaint and, after seeking advice from the CPS, deemed no criminal offence had been committed.

The man was traced and an officer spoke to him and advised him of his future conduct."

As somebody who has also received an angry call from Brian in the past, I can only hope that he takes that advice.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Oh dear...what a terrifying man.

Mrs Angry said...

Interesting: I wonder how many others have, like me as well, been the victim of a similar phone call from this man?

Rog T said...

I met someone the other day who he hadn't been offensive to. I was quite surprised. Having said that she was only visiting from Australia for a week