Thursday, 8 April 2010

Disgraced Bertha Joseph to stand as independent

Boris Johnson's disgraced former fire chief Bertha Joseph will stand as an independent candidate in the local elections.

The news comes a week after I revealed that she would no longer be standing as a Tory candidate.

It is not known exactly what type of ticket Bertha will be standing on, although it obviously won't be an anti-sleaze one.

Presumably it will be a "pro-Bertha Joseph keeping her last remaining allowance" ticket instead.

Bertha is currently suspended from Brent Council for using Charity money to pay for ball gowns.

The Mayor kept her on the Fire authority for many months after her suspension, only letting her go minutes after she voted through his budget.

However, Police announced earlier this week that they would not be investigating a complaint of theft against her.

Another complaint about her association with a convicted fraudster is to be investigated by Brent Council later this month.

Lorraine Moss who submitted this complaint said today:

"Richard Byrne and I are both very concerned that Cllr Bertha Joseph will be standing as an independant. Her past conduct and lack of credibility confirm that she is not a suitable candidate. However, she seems to want to blame everyone else for her predicament. Additionally, she still has the outstanding complaint to deal with and this could seriously affect her political career."

Labour Councillor James Powney who represents Kensal Green alongside Bertha said today:

"Bertha Joseph is welcome to stand. She chose not to when she defected to the Conservatives in 2007, despite public pressure for her to do so. She has also failed to put herself up when the Brent Standards Committee unaminously agreed on her breach of the Code of Conduct, and again failed to resign when a Judge upheld the Committee's decision.

Now that she is finally putting herself in front of the voters in her true colours, they can finally decide whether they want to be represented by the first councillor to be suspended for misconduct in Brent, and one who was suspended for the maximum possible period"

Voters will decide what political future Bertha has, if any, next month.

-Update- The nominations are in and three of Bertha's former Conservative colleagues will stand against her: Nana Green, Peter Osuhon and Joan Padro.


Political Animal said...

Remind me, if things get very depressing in the days following May 6th, that I should have a look at the results for a certain little ward called Kensal Green. That should cheer me up no end.

AdamB said...

Does anyone know when and where the full list of council candidates will be announced?

Chris said...

Something tells me that she won't be getting much "charitable sponsorship" for this campaign.

Anonymous said...

Going by the info on the Electoral Commission website, lists of nominations for the local government election should be published at noon on Mon 12th April.

AdamB said...

Thanks Anon