Monday, 19 April 2010

Nick Clegg bursts Boris Johnson's bubble

"Watching that debate, I had the clear impression that Cameron aced every question. His answers were clear, concise and knowledgeable, and in my focus group of 12- to 16-year-olds he was the overwhelming winner. "David Cameron knows more than the others," said the 12-year-old, "and everything he says is true!"

I suddenly have a vision of how Boris's policies are decided.

"As for Clegg, I remember thinking that it was indeed a historic debate – the moment when the idea of a third force in British politics finally shrivelled under the Manchester TV lights. He was by far the worst, with many of his answers seeming to be semi-masticated versions of something Cameron had already said."

By far the worst? Come on Boris, not even CCHQ tried to spin that one.

"And so you can imagine my amazement when those polls started to come in, and the news that the punters overwhelmingly scored it for Cleggie. It was one of those times when there seems to be only one solution to the problems of British politics, and that is to dissolve the electorate and summon a new one."

Yep, the plebs won't vote the way you've told them. Jolly bad show what?

"I can't think of anything worse for this country than some great ghastly soggy Lib-Lab coalition, dripping with piety and political correctness and unable to take the decisions we need for fear of offending the vast hordes of public sector special interest groups they collectively represent."

So much for our unifying centrist Mayor.

"That is why the current madness cannot last. The Lib Dems are everywhere today, like the orange spores of an exploded puffball. Next week they will be gone with the wind"

What a spectacularly patronising, head-in-the-sand piece. Was this really the best they could come up with?


Tom said...

Good God, mad right wing Boris strikes again. How long can he keep up the Jekyll and Hyde act when 60%+ of the electorate seem to prefer the centre ground.

AdamB said...

Well he's been keeping it up for most of his political life so why stop now?

It does make his attacks on the Lib Dems for being "not so much two-faced as positively polycephalous" rather hard to take seriously though.

Anothertom said...

One of the (many) things that disgusted me about the British political system is the treatment of the LibDems by their tribal rivals. I

remember going to the House of Commons and watching a debate and seeing and hearing the sneering at the LibDems from Labour and Conservatives. "This is our club," was their tone, "Your lot are not welcome."

And this is the tone that Boris adopts in this article. How DARE the public even consider such riff raff? How dare the public consider actual change that has actual effects (at least to the clubby Westminster system, if not on policy), rather than Cameron change which involves the pleasant presentation of moderate and/ or poorly thought through reactionary policies.

In my SE London ward there isn't much 'chance' of a LibDem win but maybe I'll abandon tactical voting this year and vote for them. Just to show Boris et al that Westminister isn't the Bullingdon Club, and that the incestuous clubby Westminster mentality has to change.

Anonymous said...

Boris wants what Labour want
to undermine David cameron at every opportunity. He has so obvious designs on the leadership it's untrue!

Tom said...

"Just to show Boris et al that Westminister isn't the Bullingdon Club, and that the incestuous clubby Westminster mentality has to change."

I think the urge to show the buggers what's what is pretty strong this spring. I do hope it's not a subtle manipulation - if the LDs stick to 'no coalition without proper PR' then it won't be. That's the litmus test.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

And long may they keep burying their heads in the sand, the easier it will be to beat them!

prj45 said...

Was it Boris that kept insisting a Tory victory was a shoe in, even when his mouth was being held shut by Cameron?

AdamB said...

Yes it was. Just seven days ago in fact.

Anonymous said...

Wake me up when Boris bursts Clegg's bubble!


Anonymous said...

Adam - tell me how did the Clegg Bubble end up??
I see it burst with a LOSS of seats an a minor increase in the vote. Some bubble. Dream on!

AdamB said...

Yes the LD bubble burst, but Boris didn't get that majority he was so confident of either.

In fact I think he's got a cheque to write.