Monday, 3 May 2010

Andrew Gilligan gets his facts wrong shock

Andrew Gilligan plugging his leaky vessel for the umpteenth time.

I smiled to myself a few months ago when a rival, Labour blogger with a reliable record of not knowing very much announced that Policy Exchange’s river report had “sunk at a rate of knots“. (One more triumph for London Labour, by the way – opposing yet another transport project which is popular with the public, purely on the grounds that the hated Johnson supports it!)

Now if you're going to accuse somebody else of "not knowing very much", then it helps if you don't within the same sentence, get things wrong yourself.

You see I am not a "Labour blogger" nor am I a member of "London Labour."

In fact unlike Andrew I have never had any attachment to the Labour party whatsoever.

I have voted Labour locally in the past, but I have also voted for Green and independent candidates.

And at the last general election I voted for those staunch Labour types known as the Lib Dems.

Needless to say, Gilligan made no attempt to contact me before writing his post.

Now I don't mind Andrew having a pop at me. In fact I quite enjoy it.

But two days after asking him to correct his false claims, he has still completely failed to do so, or even to reply.

Could this be because (once again) the facts don't fit with his story?


Mark said...

I LOL'd at the headline in the Gilligan article you linked to. 'New Tory policy: Boris Johnson to walk on water' isn't that Gilligans policy as well?

AdamB said...

I don't know about that, but apparently he makes a fantastic handyman.

Mark said...

Fortunately, no one gives a shit.

Anothertom said...

Gilligan is our generation's Rees-Mogg: you can be pretty safe to assume the exact opposite of what he writes is true, however small or large the subject.

Moreover, for someone so entirely biased against "wasted" taxpayer money, it is rather hilarious to find him bleating on about the desperate need to spend "only" 30 million pounds of other people's money on a vanity river scheme so he can get a boat to work.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

The man's an awful bore and we all know, when calling someone else out on inaccuracy, do make sure you're being accurate.

Anonymous said...

So you admit you are biased against the Conservatives. Only because you are not loyal to one opposition party doesn`t mean you are not biased.

AdamB said...

Luckily no-one's ever accused Andrew Gilligan of being biased!

Anonymous said...

So what if someone has accused Gilligan of bias. I don`t care if he is or not. But you are and have implicitly admitted that with your lame answer.