Friday, 14 May 2010

Little enthusiasm for Boris's new Bus

Londoners remain largely unenthusiastic about the Mayor's "New Bus for London" project with less than 20% of those consulted saying it should be a top priority.

The project was the least popular of five planned measures for the bus network according to a TfL consultation of almost 5000 people.

Better information at bus stops was the most popular option at 42%, with more environmentally friendly engines following close behind.

Scrapping bendy buses was the third most popular option for the buses, with 36% choosing it as one of their top priorities.

However, the Mayor's flagship project to build a new bus for London was one of the least popular proposals across the entire transport network, scraping just 18%.

The results of the consultation only give an indication of public opinion, as most respondents will be self-selecting.

However, the findings will cast further doubts on a project which will reportedly deliver just a small number of very expensive buses by the end of Boris Johnson's first term in office.

Other findings include:


Providing a more reliable service on the underground was the most popular measure at 49%. Only 29% called for more tube lines to be built.

Providing more step free access was the least popular option with those consulted.


Making Oyster PAYG available across the National Rail network was the most popular of all proposed transport measures at 54%.

Improving the quality and safety of suburban stations was also highlighted as a top priority.


Providing more secure cycle parking was the most popular measure at 37%. However the planned cycle hire scheme came in as the least popular with only 20% listing it as a priority.


Tackling crime was the main priority for respondents at 47% with only 27% calling for more information on routes.


51% wanted to pay by Oyster on river services with 37% calling for more stops.

The top 18 measures across the whole network can be seen by clicking on the image below:

Building a new bus did not make it into the top 25.


Will said...

So it turns out that the projects that Londoners care the least about are the ones that Boris spends the most time on. Sounds about right.

AdamB said...

Well to be fair the most popular project is one that Boris and TfL actually delivered- Oyster on National rail. The "new Routemaster" on the other hand has always been a vanity project for Boris and a number of others who never actually use the buses.

Marissa said...

What is the bets that Mr gilligan will claim that No 2 means that people want a riverbus?

AdamB said...

People do want a riverbus and they've got one. What we don't need at the moment is loads more subsidy going into something which is such a niche concern. Just like the Routemaster

Anonymous said...

So Adam you are spending all this time blogging about a topic that doesn`t make it in the top 25 - maybe you should consider your priorities.

Also Boris had this in his manifesto. If he had discarded the pledge then you would complain that he broke his word. Damned if he does, damned if he does. Be fair and balanced please.