Sunday, 23 May 2010

Oona King to fight Ken Livingstone to be Mayor

Former London MP Oona King will announce tomorrow that she will take on Ken Livingstone to be Labour's candidate for Mayor.

The Guardian confirmed tonight what has been an open secret for some time:

"King will fight Livingstone to become Labour challenger to Boris Johnson. The contest – like the leadership contest – will be decided at the party conference in the autumn."

Oona will officially launch her campaign on Wednesday.

According to Guardian writer Jackie Ashley, Oona thinks that Ken was a "good Mayor" but counters that:

"It's nobody's birthright, and I don't believe in the hereditary principle."

Oona left frontline politics in 2005 when she lost her seat to George Galloway.

A fan of Gordon Brown, Oona was tipped for a job at Number 10, but was dismissed as a "lightweight" by some.

No other candidates have declared so far, although a few including former Home Secretary Alan Johnson have been mooted in recent months.

Since her announcement King has moved up to fourth place at 12/1 to be the next Mayor behind Alan Johnson, Ken and Boris.

More details about the race are expected to be revealed this coming week with nominations closing in June.


Anonymous said...

She lost her seat in 2005 so what has she been doing for the last five years???

AdamB said...

Working for Channel 4 as far as I know.

Paul said...

Is it possible for someone who can be demonstrably proven a less popular politician than George Galloway become Mayor of London?

AdamB said...

To be fair, George Galloway would probably lose that contest if it were held again today.

But it's certainly a case that would/will be used against her.

Anonymous said...

They really can't give it up, can they? They just *had* to find someone who was wrong about Iraq to run against him.

AdamB said...

It's the well-worn New Labour vs. Old Labour fight we all know and love!

Anonymous said...

King V Livingstone - It is almost worth moving back to the smoke to participate in this one.


richy said...

Hmmm,i cant see how Oona King is going to bring out disenhanted Labour voters and attract the left metropolitan class that will be desperately needed to unseat Boris.

A quick glance at confirms that she hardly ever rebelled against Government votes when an MP.

I really want a strong, principled candidate to take on Boris on 2012, i can't see how this is it.

Jeremy smyles said...

This writer wants nothing more than to see Ken Livingstone win the Mayoral election. but...For more comment see;