Saturday, 8 May 2010

Photos from "Take back Parliament" rally

I was at the Take Back Parliament rally today to demand a fairer voting system. You can read my piece about it at the Guardian here.

Demonstrators slay the Murdoch dragon in Trafalgar Square.

John Strafford is that rarest of beasts: a Conservative Party supporter in favour of PR. You can read more about him here.

The demonstrators were of all political persuasions but all were in favour of fixing the deeply disproportionate and unrepresentative system we have at the moment.

Organiser Guy Aitchison rallies the crowds in Smith Square.

Nick Clegg comes out to speak to the demonstrators.

Read my full report at The Guardian.


Anonymous said...

There is an assumption that another voting system would help smaller parties. That only happens if something is done to skew the system in their favour. Actually there are a lot of voter who are disenfranchised by the present system if they want to vote for the Labour or Conservative parties. If they live in a constituency dominated by the other party, they can feel it is not worth bothering to vote if it goes into a void. Only by voting for the party you favour and abandoning the constituency system could you truly judge popular opinion but that is very unlikely to happen in Britain.

AdamB said...

Yes that's absolutely right. If you're one of the many Conservative voters in Scotland then you are totally disenfranchised. As Alexander Runswick told me on Saturday:

"the fact that the Conservative Party are blindly wedded to first past the post despite the fact that it is clearly not even in their interest is ridiculous"

Absent demonstrator said...

The demo looks fantastic, I wish I could have gone. Hopefully we'll get some kind of change, if the Lib Dems don't totally sell out that is. We have a new generation in power now, a more democratic voting system seems only appropriate. After years of Baby Boomer Prime Ministers, and a Boomer-dominated Parliament, we now have a new generation in charge: Generation Jones…the previously lost generation between the Boomers and Generation X. We’ll probably have a GenJones PM in Cameron, or ultimately in David Miliband or Jon Crudas and Parliament now as more Jonesers than Boomers. Similar transitions have happened in other Western countries and it provoked a lot of media interest. In fact, it got so much media buzz after Joneser Barack Obama came to power that the associated Press labelled Generation Jones as the #1 trend of 2009.
This commentary about GenJones in The Independent last week has a very interesting take on the meaning of Clegg and Cameron’s identities as GenJonesers:

I also found this site worth looking at to get a quick sense of GenJones in the UK:

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as Gen Jones. It is baby boomers, Gen X and Gen y.