Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Tube stations increasingly "unstaffed and unsafe"

Funding cuts means that many Tube stations are increasingly unstaffed and unsafe, a union claimed today.

Figures released by the RMT show that over the past six months 439 shifts were left entirely unstaffed at some stations, with those in the suburbs most affected.

At Mill Hill East station 95 shifts were unstaffed. Other stations facing shortages include Roding Valley, Brent Cross and West Finchley.

The figures come as Boris Johnson and TfL get set to cut 800 more jobs across the network.

A number of ticket offices are also set to close, despite promises to the contrary.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said today:

"The muggers paradise of unstaffed stations is already a reality across whole swathes of the tube system as these new figures demonstrate. Tory Mayor Boris Johnson has ripped up his promise to Londoners on tube staffing and voters need to take note of that on Thursday."

However, billions of savings will need to be found on the Underground in the coming years whoever is elected this week.

And with staffing a major cost, we may just have to get used to more empty stations.

A spokesperson for TfL said today:

"It is very rare for stations to be left without a member of staff. When it does occur - normally on stations that are on the outer part of the Tube network and above ground - we arrange for them to be covered by another member of staff as soon as is practical."

But with staff numbers reducing across the board, those times will now surely only get longer.

I have uploaded the full list of unstaffed shifts


saifu03 said...

Bit more work, but you know what would be interesting?

How about someone finding which candidate these unstaffed stationgoers would have voted for in the Mayoral elections?

There are a lot of Northern line stations there - all the North part too (where I live). Looks like Coleman region.

AdamB said...

It's definitely Coleman territory, although he's unlikely to notice.

Anonymous said...

Does the no staffing situation arise because they need at least two staff present when a station is staffed? A lone member of staff is vulnerable and nobody on hand to help if he/she is attacked, has an accident, or succumbs to illhealth. An employer is responsible for the safety of his/her staff but probably doesn't have the same responsibility for the public who choose to travel. This might be the logic of abandoning us the travelling public to our fate(s).

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

And of course the spectre of strikes as the cuts are implemented.

Dear me.

AdamB said...

Anonymous - I'm not sure about that to be honest. Anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Quoting Bob Crow does not help your credibility. It is well known he is a communist and instead of fighting for his members he wants to provoke a confrontation with the Government. Just like Scargill, take a legitimate position and try to be a politician. If he wants to be a politics then he should run for office.