Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What Lib-Con means for City Hall

Boris Johnson hasn't wasted any time this morning, already describing the new Lib-Con government as "a cross between a bulldog and a Chihuahua."

I'm not sure that's going to convince his new leaders to hand over Crossrail but we'll wait and see.

Especially now Lib Dem MP Tom Brake is being tipped as Minister for London by the BBC.

However, down in City Hall there's more pressing concerns, namely who gets their bums on which seat.

Tomorrow is the London Assembly's AGM and the Tories are desperate to get themselves back in charge of scrutinising the Mayor.

However, unlike nationally, the Lib Dems are refusing to go into coalition with the Conservatives in City Hall:

One source told me:

"At City Hall, and almost certainly at LFEPA, we will be retaining our agreement with the Labour and Green partys. Our work is about scrutiny and we have always argued that the opposition should lead that work."

Obviously there's a bit of wiggle room there but if the Lib Dems do stick with the "progressive coalition" then Brian Coleman could soon lose his hard-fought majority on the Fire Authority.

Following the big Labour surge in London last week, the Conservatives are due to lose a seat, which means that Brian loses his majority.

And if Brian Coleman cannot command the confidence of that new board, then it would be pretty extraordinary for Boris to try to put him back in charge of it.

Chair of the London Assembly

The other big role on offer is Chair of the London Assembly. And with Green and Labour AMs taking the last two turns, the Lib Dems are now due to take theirs.

However, given the national coalition, the Green Party and Labour may not be entirely happy with the deal.

But if Dee Doocey does take the position as expected, then there can be little doubt that she would keep Boris on his toes.

Welcome to the new age of multi-party politics London.

-Update- I'm told that Labour and the Greens have agreed to vote for Dee Doocey AM (Lib Dem) for Chair and Jennette Arnold AM (Lab) for Vice-Chair.

Lib Dem Mike Tuffrey AM will take a new position on LFEPA and Caroline Pidgeon AM will replace him as leader of the Lib Dem group.

Speaking after the Lib-Con national deal was announced she said:

"We will ensure the Mayor of London is held to account every day of the year. We will not hesitate to challenge the Mayor when he fails to deliver for Londoners.”


Anonymous said...

Boris would have to prize Brian out of that job with a crowbar, theres no way hes going quietly

Anonymous said...

Just like the lib Dems backing one party in one place and another in the other place.

Anonymous said...

Crossrail has been approved by the new Government. You will have to find something else to complain about (whilst not giving credit where it is due).

AdamB said...

We don't yet know whether it will be delayed or amputated though do we and those were always the big questions (until Greening suggested that they might not do it altogether)

Toes crossed eh?

Anonymous said...

It has been approved, the National Coalition Government has said so. Stop sniping for no reason.

AdamB said...