Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Boris's cycle hire stations blocked by councils

Boris Johnson's long-awaited cycle hire scheme has been delayed due to dozens of bike "docking stations" being refused planning permission.

The scheme was meant to begin in May but has been pushed back after 75 of the 498 applications were blocked by individual councils.

It will now open next month but the Mayor admits that some stations will still not be completed before the launch.

Writing in response to a question from Labour Assembly Member Val Shawcross, the Mayor said that it was not clear exactly how many would be completed:

"A number of aspects that impact site delivery are outside of TfL’s control. It is therefore not possible to guarantee exact numbers at this stage, but I expect this to be as close to 400 docking stations as possible."

Boris said that only a "small minority" of stations had been refused and that TfL were working with the nine boroughs affected to meet their concerns.

Val Shawcross has called on the Mayor to release a full list of those stations refused permission.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't there an objection to the docking station close to Boris's home? Camden fairly well on target, some legitimate objections being dealt with and new sites sought. Usually where there is a very crowded street environment.

DavidM said...

I'd be interested to know exactly how many stations will be in use next month. There are a couple I go past quite regularly (one on Tottenham Street in Fitzrovia and another on Prince Albert Road by Regent's Park) where the groundworks have been done but there are no docking stations etc. installed. I would think that's going to take more than a couple of weeks to install.

Anonymous said...

The trouble with these docking stations is that they are huge. It's a 24-hour commercial hire scheme really designed for tourists. Many of the stations have been put right next to residents' windows in the often narrow streets in the central area. Some have been given planning permission when they really shouldn't have. In Fitzrovia we get enough disturbance as it is.

Linus, assistant editor, Fitzrovia News,

Helen said...

The map of docking stations is now available - I picked one up at Oxford Circus Tube this morning.

AdamB said...

How many are on there?

Helen said...

Difficult to count the stations on the map as they're just random red dots but I'd estimate about 200.