Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Brian Coleman to get austerity-busting pay rise

As the Chancellor stands up to tell us that "we're all in this together", Brian Coleman is quietly giving himself another pay rise.

Under the leaked proposals, Boris Johnson's fire chief would gain the title of "Chairman and Leader" with an austerity-busting allowance rise of up to 9%.

The basic allowance given to other members of the authority would also increase by 38%.

The rises come as George Osborne is expected to announce pay freezes across the public sector.

LFEPA claim that overall costs will be kept down by removing old posts and reducing allowances given to the opposition leader.

However, prior to the arrival of Austerity Coleman, the Chairman of the Fire Authority claimed no allowances whatsoever.

Fire Unions are also concerned about plans to limit their rights to speak at Fire Authority meetings.

Under the proposals, Coleman will be able to silence them if he:

"considers the trade union’s presentation to be unreasonable and/or contrary to the good conduct of the business of the meeting."

The list of rules which govern meetings will be also extended to almost 50 pages long, giving Coleman total control of proceedings.

The plans are being pushed through after Boris Johnson changed the appointment procedures in order to keep Coleman in place.

The changes were labeled as "gerrymandering" with the Mayor claiming they were necessary in order to ensure "strong leadership" of the Authority.

Under the old arrangements the Conservatives would have lost their majority at the recent local elections.


Anonymous said...

Was it not Boris Johnson that claimed that he was delivering "More for less" ?

AdamB said...

Yes that one didn't quite work out either.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Should we be surprised at this? Cameron, and his new best buddy Nick, came up with a scheme to subvert the normal democratic process to prevent their coalition government from falling and Boris has simply followed their lead.

With his GLA and Barnet money, it looks like Coleman will have smashed the £100K barrier again. Trebles all round!

Anonymous said...

Brian has a lot of burden to share!

Brian Coleman aka Mr Toad has GOT to go said...

Great piece again Adam.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Not quietly enough for you to miss though!

Hideous man.

Anonymous said...

After hearing on the news how peoples pay freeze is really a deceitful deduction in income this makes Brian Coleman look just as repulsive as those that are now Governing this country.