Thursday, 24 June 2010

Ken Livingstone vs Oona King vs Boris Johnson

Ken Livingstone and Oona King's hit the Today programme this morning as they officially launch their campaigns to become Labour's candidate in 2012.

Asked by John Humphrys "what's wrong with London at the moment" Ken spoke about Boris's huge fare increases and his failure to secure new projects for London.

Asked the same question, Oona replied that:

"I think one of the biggest issues with London is that it could just be a much more fantastic place to live"

This was dismissed by Humphrys as being a "bit vague" and he gave similarly short shrift to her pledge to stop Londoners from being "stressed out."

As far as hard policy goes, Oona pledged to increase the living wage and to promise every London school-leaver paid work experience.

Her earlier promises to bring in American-style school buses and to re-establish the 50% affordable housing target didn't get a mention.

Later in the day Ken and Oona went on to their selection interviews where Oona was flanked by a number of notorious Ken critics including Neil Kinnock.

Also there was Alan Johnson whose famous Mayoral bid, like those of so many others, has mysteriously failed to materialise.

Meanwhile the incumbent Mayor has done his best to sabotage his own re-election launch, after yet another fallout with City Hall's lawyers.

Insiders at City Hall said the Greater London Authority's lawyers had got wind of the fact the Mayor intended to announce he was running at the taxpayer-funded event.

They advised the Mayor's office that the [State of London debate] which costs in the region of £75,000 to put on, was a statutory public event that could not be used for political purposes

Whether or not Boris really did plan to launch his campaign today is for the history books.

However, what I do know is that City Hall quickly let it be known that Boris would no longer be taking questions from the press or bloggers after today's event.

Yet another victory for accountability eh Boris?


Anonymous said...

Does Bradshaw, Johnson and Kinnock realise that as non-London MPs they can't even vote in this election?

tommy said...

i'm glad ken is being realistic to a certain extent in that interview, pretty limp performance from oona in my opinion.

AdamB said...

tommy - Interesting that he refused to promise to cut bus fares I thought. Will his (semi) pledge to freeze them be enough to persuade Londoners?