Sunday, 22 August 2010

Boris Johnson gave double digit pay increase

Our bang-for-your-buck Mayor on Bob Crow's recent £10,000 pay rise:

"A spokesman for Boris Johnson said: “Anyone delivering public services in the current climate who thinks they deserve a double digit pay rise is not living in the real world.”

Still at least Bob Crow's pay rise comes from optional union fees rather than compulsory taxes:

Unlike say, the salary of the Chief Executive of City Hall:

Chief Executive of the GLA in 2007-8


Chief Executive of the GLA in 2009


So that would be an increase of £22,000 or around 12%.

What non-real-world-living-public-service-delivering spendthrift could have signed off that one?

Oh yes that would be Boris Johnson himself:

When I asked Boris about this double-digit increase at the time he told me that:

"I won't talk about individual salaries"

Unless they're the salaries of political enemies of course.

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Sorry for the lateness of posting. I've been away on honeymoon.


Ross said...

Love him or hate him you cant deny that Bob Crow is very effective at his job. What other union leaders have his profile and success rate?

Anonymous said...

Hi - long time reader, first time commenter.

Completely unrelated to your story, but congratulations!

AdamB said...

Thanks Anon. Keep on commenting and pick a name!

truthmonkey said...

Your headline is a little misleading. This isn't a payrise for Boris Johnson; he isn't Chief Executive.

AdamB said...

Didn't mean to mislead. In fact Boris settled for a mere single digit (5% payrise) instead:

Hope that's clear.

AdamB said...

Fair enough point though. I've altered the headline.

Anonymous said...

When would this pay increase have been signed off? It appears to have been finalised in November '08, no doubt after a period of appraisals and/or negotiations etc. Obviously I can't speak for the Johnson administration, but I'm going to guess their defence will be that the climate then is different from the climate now when the RMT decision was made.

I'd like to see a report comparing the year-on-year increases of both positions over the last five years or so though. Then compare it perhaps to the average wage increases of other workers in the same respective organisation. The CEO:average worker ratio tells you quite a bit about the culture of management in these places, and disappointingly, it's often not a pleasant message...

Oh, and congratulations!

AdamB said...


Boris was elected on a manifesto of reducing the cost of City Hall so I'm not sure the economic climate is much of a defence.

Also he has defended much more recent pay rises on LFEPA: