Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Boris Johnson "dislikes Brian Coleman intently"

If you don't already read Pippa Crerar's Evening Standard blog then I suggest you bookmark it right away.

Today she has a great scoop on the continuing and deep dislike Boris Johnson has for his disgraced fire chief Brian Coleman:

According to a previously unpublished interview with former Deputy Mayor Ian Clement (admittedly not the most credible source but still)

"Boris dislikes Brian intently. He will avoid having a meeting with Brian at all costs. Bit of bad blood due to what happened during the election period. But also, he doesn’t like the way Brian does business. He doesn’t like Brian as a person. Doesn’t like the way he handled the Fire Authority in the first year.

"So I was tasked with finding a replacement, talking to a few people, seeing if we could find someone to slot in there when Boris, shall we say, did Brian’s legs."

Despite much provocation, Boris has still failed to nobble Brian's legs which has prompted some to wonder just what dirt Brian has on him.

Perhaps the real reason for his hesitance is the fear that Coleman would be more trouble outside the tent than in.

If so he's made a fundamental error.

Brian is a liability to both Boris and to London, and the sooner Boris "does his legs in" the better for all of us.


Will said...

So why employ him in the first place?

AdamB said...

Boris isn't exactly well known for his astute appointments.