Monday, 13 September 2010

Chicken Feed: London bites

This is the first of a regular series of posts highlighting just some of the best recent bloggage, journalism, and writing across London.

First up is Darryl at 853 with a post about the disaster zone that is Greenwich town centre and a post about the long-running Gren-itch / Grin-ige controversy.

Also in Greenwich is the new regular Greenwich Podcast which seems to be a professional operation with all the right instincts (Gren-itch mispronunciation aside).

Meanwhile top London blogger Diamond Geezer continues his always brilliant and varied output with two posts about the tube ticket office closures and the state of Boris's State of London festival.

There's plenty of other top stuff over there so just bookmark if you haven't already.

Back to City Hall and Mark Pack has a good piece on who the Lib Dems will choose for their Mayoral candidate. I'll have more on this myself soon.

Meanwhile Ken and Oona are still slugging it out although barring a major upset the outcome still seems like a foregone conclusion to me

The result will be announced next week after which a much closer race will attract far more coverage I suspect.

Other reading:

  • Ross Lydall - Evening Standard hack and BorisBike obsessive. Like his coleague Pippa Crerar, his blog is always worth a read.
  • Mind The Gap: BBC London's excellent transport correspondent Tom Edwards with more on the big transport stories.

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