Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Has Boris nobbled Brian Coleman over allowances?

Three months after I revealed that Brian Coleman was giving himself another big allowance increase, the Mayor now finally appears to have stopped him.

Boris Johnson told the Assembly today that Brian had taken an "entirely spontaneous" decision to forego his planned increase:

"[Brian] seems to have disappeared so he can't hear my congratulations but I think he did the right thing, as you doubtless know he came to me because he was aware of some troublemaking and muckraking that was going on about these allowances and he came up with a fresh set of proposals."

Brian's "spontaneous" decision comes within a week of the Evening Standard revealing the dire relationship between the two:

According to Boris's former deputy Ian Clement:

"Boris dislikes Brian intently. He will avoid having a meeting with Brian at all costs. Bit of bad blood due to what happened during the election period. But also, he doesn’t like the way Brian does business. He doesn’t like Brian as a person. Doesn’t like the way he handled the Fire Authority in the first year."

For some reason Brian Coleman left the chamber today while the above was being discussed.

Although perhaps he just had more pressing business to attend to.


angelneptunestar said...

Firm and correct action by our Mayor then, well done Boris.

AdamB said...

Correct yes but firm?

So firm that he continues to re-appoint him as chair of LFEPA every year?

Don't Call Me Dave said...

And Coleman has been forced to give up his Barnet Cabinet allowance which he had only recently voted to increase by a mere 100%. Poor fellow, perhaps we should have a whip round for him.

AdamB said...

Poor chap. Good job he's still got his free lunches and cab rides.