Thursday, 21 October 2010

Evening Standard gives Boris Johnson a free ride on fare rises

I've searched in vain for any mention of Boris Johnson's stealth fare rises in yesterday's Evening Standard.

The hefty rises, contained within TfL's press release have been spotted by every London blogger and tweeter from Darryl to Diamond Geezer.

I mean even Andrew Gilligan has spotted them and last January he thought our fares were all going down!

And yet in London's only daily paper, Boris's third consecutive year of rises barely gets a mention.

There's a short piece on page eight which mostly concentrates on national rail fares and a couple of other pieces claiming that London is a "winner" from the spending review (it's not).

But other than that almost nothing. Nothing on changes to travelcards, nothing on the raising of the daily price cap and nothing on the 44% rise in the price of a bus ticket since Boris came to power.

It's a pretty sad spectacle from a paper that in most ways has vastly improved in the last two years.

Still at least one vital piece of London transport news gets squeezed into today's edition:

Lib Dem Assembly Member Caroline Pidgeon said today: 

“The Mayor was insulting Londoners by burying bad news like this on the day the Comprehensive Spending Review was announced. Boris Johnson was elected promising to stand up for outer London.  He specifically promised to make orbital journeys far easier.  In practice the Mayor is hitting hardest the people who travel around, rather than into London.  Commuters who only travel occassionaly are also being hit hard, and many will simply start driving to avoid such large increases in ticket prices.”

“This blatant attempt to hide the real details of next year’s fare package is exactly why there should be a proper consultation every year on the Mayor’s overall fare package.”


Anonymous said...

A good day to bury bad news.

AdamB said...

And the perfect day to pimp Boris Bike fashion accessories!

Tim McLoughlin said...

If people didn't realise already, voting Tory hits you in the pocket

Tim McLoughlin said...

People must realise now that voting Tory should not be seen as a joke or a change. This is just like the 1980s. The Tories hit you in the pocket.

EtonMess said...

Any news on what happens to the corresponding monthlies - i.e. does it also follow that Zone 1-3 monthly cards are scrapped too or pegged to 1-4?

AdamB said...

All the available information is in that link I posted in the update.