Sunday, 28 November 2010

Boris Johnson under investigation for misconduct

The following story appears in today's Observer. For some reason it isn't online so I've reproduced it below:

Boris Johnson faces probe over gift to key project

The Observer, 28-11-2010

Boris Johnson, the London mayor, is to be examined over allegations of misconduct involving the appointment of a woman with whom he allegedly had an affair and a private payment of £80,000 towards a key mayoral project. 

Allegations that Johnson broke the Greater London assembly's code of conduct are to be discussed by a standards committee later this month, according to letters seen by the Observer. The assessment subcommittee will discuss whether to take further action over the claims. 

Johnson could face an internal investigation or a formal inquiry by the local government watchdog, the Standards Board for England, which could ban him from public office for up to five years. John Biggs, deputy leader of the Labour group on the assembly, wrote to the assembly's monitoring officer, who investigates claims of misconduct, alleging that "the mayor may have brought his office into disrepute by failing to declare a close personal relationship with two people". 

The claims centre on art consultant Helen Macintyre, who allegedly had an affair with Johnson that began in January 2009. The following month Johnson met Macintyre and her then partner, Pierre Rolin, at a conference in Switzerland where it is understood they had drinks together. That May, Johnson signed a decision to approve a donation of £80,000 towards a 400ft tower project at the Olympic site. The donor was Rolin, a Canadian billionaire property adviser.

Boris under investigation for cronyism shock!

You can read the background to this story here.


Anonymous said...

You had better beware because you may get a visit from that very out spoken and abusive person called Brian Coleman that is Boris Johnson's so called Fire Chief, worse still it could be a visit from Boris Johnson's Deputy Mayor named Ray Lewis that was accused of numerous crimes. Failing this you may get astonishingly, mistakenly caught up in the Social Cleansing and run out of London with the vulnerable. Life is full of surprises even when you are promised Transparency and Accountability that is a Delirius illusion from this Mayoralty.

Anonymous said...

Jobs for the WAGS

Anonymous said...

Have I got this right? Boris had an "affair" with this lady but then the next month was doing business with the lady's "partner"?

Doesn't it sound as if he was entrapped?


AdamB said...

I think it's one for a professional to decipher. Guilt is a powerful thing...