Thursday, 11 November 2010

Brian Coleman loses his cool in London Assembly meeting

It's not just students and anarchists losing their cool at the moment.

In fact Conservative London Assembly Member Brian Coleman nearly got himself thrown out of a City Hall meeting yesterday after this shouty tirade at the Chair Dee Doocey:

In the past Brian's been accused of reducing a young female member of the canteen staff to tears, and has reportedly apologised for shouting at the bereaved wife of a fire fighter.

So while Dee could easily deal with this outburst yesterday it really is time that his boss Boris Johnson had a word with him.

Because if he carries on like this, then at some point he's going to get both himself and the Mayor in some serious trouble.


North Briton 45 said...

So he's his normal charming self then.

AdamB said...

This is charm by Brian's standards.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there has been a Reunion at The Bullingdon Club for the Conservative members recently and they are in high spirits.I say this because yesterdays riots appear to be reminisccent of The Bullingdon Club reputation along with bad behaviour and the acceptance that a good night out consisted of smashing things up. Maybe Brian Coleman is getting all excited and carried away with all these recent events.

Would recommend a look at this website:

Come to your own conclusions.

EtonMess said...

Coleman appears to be a caricature of a Tory - self-satisfied, unpleasant, frequently condescending.

He's also one of Labour's best assets.

Anonymous said...

"Because if he carries on like this, then at some point he's going to get both himself and the Mayor in some serious trouble.

Please oh per-lease !


Mrs Angry said...

what a ghastly, ill mannered oik: and thank God, because every time he opens his mouth, another Tory voter wises up ... keep it up, Brian!

MR pANE said...

Sadly I think that most Conservative members are secretly applauding Brian Colemans behaviour because he is untouchable. Also he appears to be embarking on cutbacks that were promised would never happen. Lets face it, Brian Coleman and the Bullingdon Clubers are laughing at all of us because we are nothing but porns in a Rich Mans Game. I honestly believe that we are heading towards a Diabolical Mess under this Mayoralty not forgetting the Coalitions direction.