Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Brian Coleman's lies exposed on LBC

I've just finished listening to Brian Coleman's extraordinary encounter with James O'Brien on LBC this morning.

You can listen to it from about 90 minutes in here, but if you haven't got the time the Standard's Ross Lydall has an excellent summary.

The interview exposes the fact that Coleman is indeed considering plans to cut fire engines despite the categorical denials given by both Boris Johnson and Coleman at last week's Mayor's Questions:

Ross Lydall also reveals the details of an off-air exchange in which Coleman disloyally accuses Boris of "hanging [him] out to dry." 

Coleman also apparently tried to smear O'Brien's mental health but I guess that kind of thing is to be expected from Coleman unfortunately.

But all of that aside the key point is that the man Boris has entrusted to look after London's fire service is a confirmed and disloyal liar. 

So just how much longer is Boris willing to put up with him?

-Update- LBC News story and James O'Brien's blog. Plus Dave Hill at The Guardian.


Anonymous said...

Brian is very used to telling porkies. Remember this?


Bob said...

The hanging out to dry comment is incredible. How can Boris keep him after this? Coleman is making him look weak

Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson will not loose Brian Coleman, remember what happend with Ray Lewis the Deputy Mayor that was accused of numerous crimes including stealing from a Church Congregation! Once the Consevatives gained power as a Coalition one of the first things Boris Johnson done was to take Ray Lewis back on so that he could make his past bad judgments vanish so that he could cleverly and deceiptfully vindicate himself, nothing has changed because those people that accused Ray Lewis of crimes still stand by their claims. So why would Boris Johnson tell Brian Coleman to go when it would only call his judgment into question again. This whole saga will probably be swept under the carpet and forgotten about in the not to distant future. Brian Coleman is Radical and Untouchable, let's call him Mr Incredible! maybe we could call him a friend in need.