Thursday, 18 November 2010

TfL leak: tube stations unstaffed more frequently following cuts

A leaked document has revealed that increasing numbers of stations could be left unstaffed following cuts by the Mayor.

TfL and Boris Johnson have repeatedly promised that "future staffing proposals will continue to mean safe stations staffed at all times"

However according a document leaked to tube union RMT:

"There are a number of stations across the network which is [sic] left unstaffed from time to time.... With the OSP [station staff job cuts programme] and future station staffing changes it may become more of an issue at more locations more frequently.”

The London Underground document highlights concerns that passengers will be unable to hear announcements at unstaffed stations due to the disabling of the "long line PA" system.

Earlier this year another leaked document revealed that 439 shifts were left entirely unstaffed over a six month period, mostly at suburban stations.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said today:

“Unstaffed stations are a muggers and vandals paradise. The mayor has promised that there will be no unstaffed stations but his officials say not only that there will but that there already are. It’s about time they told the public the truth about their cuts plans."


sarah said...

last week one of my friends had to buy a cash single fare at a tube station as the staff said that the ticket office was closed and they couldn't issue a new one. madness.

greg tingey said...


LUL (LondonUndergroundLiars) have really screwed this one up, haven't thay?

They've managed to hand a sizeable propaganda victory to the thug-like semi-Marxist Crowe, entirely through their own stupidity and arrogance.