Monday, 22 November 2010

What has happened to the BNP's Great White Hope?

I haven't written much about Richard Barnbrook since my Guardian piece on him last year.

However, his decline has become if anything even more rapid than I foresaw back then.

First he was humiliatingly forced out of his "Barnbrook for Barking" campaign by Nick Griffin.

Then he forced the byelection of a local lollypop lady before losing that as well.

Then he resigned the BNP whip, singlehandedly managing to kick out the party from City Hall two years early.

And then he was permanently dispatched from the BNP with a caustic press release detailing his many alleged alcohol and competence problems.

And if none of that were enough he has now apparently suffered the ultimate humiliation of rejection by the thugs at the English Defence League.

I mean how incompetent do you have to be that neither the BNP nor the EDL want anything to do with you?

All of which makes me worry a little for Richard. 

At last week's Mayor's Question Time he failed to attend for the first time that I can remember and the Chair was given no explanation for his non-appearance.

So has anyone seen Richard Barnbrook, independent member of the London Assembly lately or has he finally done a Reginald Perrin on us? 

HMS Discovery: A Love Story by Richard Barnbrook (far right)