Friday, 26 November 2010

Where is Boris Johnson's No-Strike Deal?

Here's the election leaflet Boris Johnson handed out to Londoners two and a half long years ago. Let's have a read shall we:

Let's break that down:

"There have been 16 tube strikes since Ken Livingstone became Mayor. Two for every year"

Two for every year! Can you imagine such a thing?

"Boris Johnson has a plan to deal once and for all with the unions?" (2008)

Oh really? So what is it?

"He will be proactive and negotiate a no-strike deal with the unions" (2008)

Right, so how many times have you proactively met with the unions since you were elected Boris?

"I have not spoken directly with union leaders but with plenty of people in Government" (2010)

Hmm. So that's no times. What about the rest ?

"At £4 London's single cash fare is three times the price of the European average"

My my that does sound bad. So you've brought that right down then Boris?

Next year "the zones 1-6 cash single fare will rise from £4.50 to £5.00" (Jan 2011)

So that's a 25% increase, not to mention the 44% increase to PAYG bus fares since 2008.

"Imagine another 4 years of it"

Indeed. Or another six years of it for that matter eh Boris?

Thanks to Val Shawcross AM for the scan of the leaflet.


Anonymous said...

Boris get off your arse and sort it out. What is this the fifth tube strike this year?

AdamB said...

I think it's the fourth, although I may have lost count.

Anonymous said...

Timely. Thank you for posting this - I was beginning to think I had imagined this manifesto commitment, such was the profound silence emanating from the mayor's office on it.

Which reminds me - did he ever manage to produce any shred of evidence to support his claim that bendibuses "Wipe out hundreds of cyclists" every year? Or is the money being spent on their premature replacement further irrationality?

AdamB said...

"did he ever manage to produce any shred of evidence to support his claim that bendibuses "Wipe out hundreds of cyclists" every year?"

No. In fact he has since admitted that *no* cyclists have ever been wiped out by a bendy bus:

Helen said...

"...with plenty of people in Government" - casual discussions with other old Etonians over a snifter at whatever beano he happened to be don't count, Boris.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed the fifth, there was a more minor strike earlier in the year which only affected Metropolitan Line Rickmansworth depot drivers.

I think there may have even been another one, but I just can't remember!

Anonymous said...

Imagine another four years of HIM

Anonymous said...

In Boris' defence the little logo at the bottom of the leaflet has "NO strikes" with a line through it. Clearly Boris was against NO strikes. And he's delivered!

AdamB said...

Ha! Another manifesto commitment ticked off

Dawn said...

As a new Londoner, I'd assumed that the Tube strike frequency was always like this so it's sobering to see how much worse it's become.

Good old bendy-buses. Admittedly, as a cyclist they're scary as hell if they cut you up, but I've never come close to being hit by one. But hey, who needs evidence when you can just rant?

3.1 said...