Thursday, 2 December 2010

1000 fewer police officers in London this year

A recruitment freeze by Boris Johnson will lead to over 1000 fewer officers in the Metropolitan Police Service this year alone, the London Assembly have warned.

Figures unearthed by the Budget and Performance Committee show a predicted reduction of over 1000 officers between March 2010 and 2011 with more expected in the years to come.

The reduction is caused by a recruitment freeze which began in February this year.

The number of officers funded by third parties such as TfL is also set to reduce by around 25% over the next three years following government cuts.

The Met hopes to replace the 1000 warranted officers lost this year with an increase in the number of unpaid "Special Constables."

However a promise made just last year by Boris to "flood the capital" with 10,000 extra specials was described as "probably unachievable" by the Met this week.


Helen said...

Where are the "conductors" for the Boris Vanity Bus going to come from, then?

Anonymous said...

The Conservative Justice Minister Ken Clarke wants to send fewer Criminals to prison.Now Boris Johnson and this so called Coalition are cutting the amount of police in London and nationally.Also cast you mind back to a year ago when we had a Deputy Mayor for London called Ray Lewis that had to resign because he was accused of numerous crimes,Boris Johnson has recently reinstated Ray Lewis even though he has not cleared his name because the people that accused Ray Lewis of numerous crimes still stand by their claims. There is a real danger that Law and Order in London will breakdown if these idiots keep cutting back on the Police Service and making idiotic decisions. If we are not careful this great City will end up like Gotham City in the Batman Movie.

Anonymous said...

Someone like Ray Lewis that was accused of numerous crimes could end up being elected as Police Commissioner under the Coalitions plans to restructure how the Police are governed. Imagine That!

Mr Josh Roberts said...

The prisons in the United Kingdom are overcrowded because the Police Force is doing a good job without outside or political interference.There is an old saying which goes : If something is not broken dont try and fix it.

Even a retard would know that to cutback on Police numbers in a big city like London is complete and total madness and London would spiral into a crime wave.

Boris Johnson hired Ray Lewis as a Deputy Mayor even though he (Boris Johnson)was warned that Ray Lewis was accused of various crimes,Ray Lewis also lied and pretended that he had been a Magistrate.Ray Lewis resigned for some time but when the Conservatives in this Coalition gained power and came into office Boris Johnson immediately took Ray Lewis back on.

Now this Coalition wants to change the way in which the Police Force is governed by letting the public at great financial expense vote/elect who should be a Police Chief so that people like Boris Johnson and Ray Lewis could be elected to basically have control/power over the police in London. Is this a system that we really want ? A system where someone without any knowledge in policing has power over the police,the possibility of political interference,the possibility of corruption,the possibility of people like Ray Lewis that have been accused of crimes and a proven liar gaining access to policing,the possibility of someone that is completely incompetent interfering in the policing of london,the list of real and possible dangers is endless.

If we are not careful we are going to end up with a crime wave because the government wants to send less criminals to jail,in addition to this there will be less police to deal with crime and we will have an elected police chief that will not have the expertise or knowledge to deal with an increasing crime wave.Then you will end up with a situation where crime does pay.