Thursday, 2 December 2010

Boris Johnson a "buffoon" says Guto Harri

Given the investigation into Boris Johnson's failure to declare his relationship with Helen Macintyre, it's worth pointing out that Helen isn't the first "close personal friend" that Boris has given a job to.

For that honour you have to go right back to Boris's old university friend, former rugby team-mate and bloody good chap Guto Harri.

Harri was given the plum role of Director of Communications (£127,784) when Boris first entered City Hall and has deservedly kept it ever since.

Still I do wonder whether Guto declared his own "close personal relationship" with Boris before filing this report for the BBC back in 2007:

In the clip Guto waxes of his old chum that "few have such a rare combination of qualities. Man of the people and toff, classical scholar and buffoon, much loved celebrity and politician." 

Bloody lefty BBC bias eh?

Still at least Guto ends the report wondering "is he actually qualified for the job?"

And luckily for Guto, old "buffoon" Boris decided he was...


Anonymous said...

Wasn't he tipped to replace Coulson?

AdamB said...

So they say.