Friday, 31 December 2010

Boris Johnson warns against "rhetoric" on bankers

Boris Johnson has warned that overblown government "rhetoric" about bankers could frighten off investment into London.

“The rhetoric is important,” he told the BBC. “You need to send out of a powerful signal to the world that we are open for business. I do worry a bit about the mood music.”

Overblown rhetoric eh? Of course Boris would never be guilty of such a thing:

"Up to 9,000 bankers could leave London in protest at the controversial and 'ill thought out' tax raid on their bonuses, the Mayor Boris Johnson warned yesterday...

He has had 'numerous' conversations with UK and foreign banks who are 'quite seriously reconsidering their earlier decisions to locate, grow or remain in London."

Quite seriously eh? So what happened to that exodus you spent so much time warning us about Boris?

"We have heard an awful lot about the stampede to Zurich, or wherever, but if you look at the numbers it hasn't happened"

Right. Which of course hasn't stopped you continuing to lobby for those same bankers to get even bigger tax breaks in the future, whilst raising fares and charges on the rest of us.

And of course your dedication to the cause has nothing to do with the fact that your campaign to be Mayor was mostly funded by the financial sector.

As you say, such "mood music" can be very important.

Happy New Year all.

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Anonymous said...

Did you see Boris being interviewed by Paxman about bankers bonuses on Newsnight tonight? He was even more incoherent than usual, if that's actually possible.