Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Labour movement supporting Labour politician shock

Over the Christmas period Boris's little elves were working hard to promote the news that (and you may be shocked to hear this) trade unions are supporting Ken Livingstone's campaign to be Mayor.

The news that the Labour movement are supporting a member of the Labour party will surely rock Livingstone's campaign to its foundations, not least because of the large number of strikes on the Tube over recent years.

Now the fact that most of these strikes were undertaken whilst Boris was Mayor and were called by a union that does not support Livingstone shouldn't distract you from the killer fact that Ken is "the striker's friend." 

"Next year, every time we suffer at the hands of the unions – let’s remember who is really behind the misery we as Londoners are having inflicted upon us. And why."

So surely a vote for Ken is a vote for more strikes then?

*Boxing Day strike added to 2010 figure
And not if Boris's previous broken promises are anything to go on either.

Of course Boris's campaign are pushing the line that the recent strikes have been politically motivated in order to embarrass Boris and help Ken.

But if you look at the issue of ticket offices which is the main cause of recent strikes (Boxing Day excluded) Ken's position as Mayor was actually far more anti-union than his successor.

And in opposition it was Boris Johnson who was on the side of the strikers.

Isn't it funny how things work out eh Brother Boris?

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Barry Rochford said...

The Tory right as ever keen to get their facts right!