Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Richard Barnbrook warned not to bully staff

Richard Barnbrook has been warned not to bully members of staff at City Hall after a former employee accused him of "continual bullying" which reduced one member of staff to tears.

Neo Nazi activist Tess Culnane who worked for Barnbrook for nine months, alleged that he:

  • Failed to respond to requests from members of the public "on the few occasions he attended City Hall" and threatened the complainant with dismissal when she brought such requests to him
  • Had a "continual bullying manner" and constantly threatened to sack his staff and replace them with his own people. 
  • Forced the Complainant’s colleague, X, to resign because of his perpetual hectoring manner. The Complainant alleges that, on one occasion, Mr Barnbrook reduced X to tears, followed her into the ladies’ toilet to continue to bully her, and then followed her into the City Hall café to continue to verbally abuse X and threaten her with the sack.

Culnane also submitted a recorded telephone conversation with Barnbrook and statements from three other witnesses.

The Standards Committee decided that there was not enough firm evidence to refer the complaint for further investigation.

However they noted that they were still "extremely concerned about the nature of the allegations" and referred Mr Barnbrook for official guidance from the Monitoring Officer "as a precautionary measure, sought to safeguard existing and future staff."

Last year Barnbrook was suspended by Barking and Dagenham Council for making false claims about murders in the borough.

He then went on to lose his seat on the council this May alongside every other BNP councillor in London.

He has since been expelled from the British National Party and has indicated his intention to stand as an independent member of the London Assembly in 2012.


Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Quelle surprise.

He subscribes to fascist political values and has fascist personal values. Bullying is all he knows or understands.

The cretin.

AdamB said...

Sometimes the two overlap. From a News of the World story (now behind a paywall):

"BNP boss Richard Barnbrook cheats on Brit with IMMIGRANT

BNP frontman Richard Barnbrook has been cheating on his ballerina fiancée... with a FOREIGN NURSE.

The racist ranter —bidding to be London mayor—was secretly bedding Finn Annika Tavilampi when he proposed to English National Ballet star Simone Clarke. Barnbrook—who studies Hitler—ADVANCED on Annika, 28, after spotting her on an online dating site, BLITZED her with filthy texts and pictures— and asked her to MARRY him too.

"Richard sent me photos of his private parts before I'd even met him," says the redhead. "I thought this was very odd for a politician."

She only discovered the full depths of the London councillor's extremism when she found a copy of Hitler's Mein Kampf under his bed..."

Anonymous said...

SO I am meant to feel sorry for a neo-Nazi activist?

So funny - HITLER shouted at people - Barnbrook is just acting like your hero, you moron!

AdamB said...

"SO I am meant to feel sorry for a neo-Nazi activist?"

You're not *meant* to feel anything.

"So funny - HITLER shouted at people - Barnbrook is just acting like your hero, you moron!"

If this sentence made any sense I might feel offended. Luckily for me it doesn't.

ChrisW said...

I think the Anon' posters comment was "meant" to refer to the complainant- Tess Culnane.

What suprises me about this story is that anyone is suprised at this story!

He may be a hypocritical bully with questionable morals and an arrogant belief in his own superiority...but does this make him any different from the other occupants of City Hall?

AdamB said...

"does this make him any different from the other occupants of City Hall?"

well as far as I'm aware only one other current occupant has been accused of bullying and no others have had any action taken against them - so yes it does.

Barry Rochford said...

Tess Culnane is a Nazi-BNPer - not just an ordinary BNP racist. She stood to be Lewisham's Mayor and was critical of Feuhrer Griffin for not being racist enough.
However, it is ironic that she complains - probably more to do with falling out of the factions inside BNP.
However, even fascists have rights to be treated like anyone else as employees. How ye sow thus how ye shall reap!