Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Green Party Assembly Member Jenny Jones to run for Mayor

London Assembly Member Jenny Jones will tomorrow launch her campaign to become the Green Party's candidate for Mayor in 2012.

Jones who is a regular combatant of Boris Johnson on the Assembly was the former Deputy Mayor of London between 2003 and 2004.

She describes herself as a "critical friend" of the former Mayor Ken Livingstone, but has not announced whether she would recommend second preference votes for the Labour candidate.

She said today:

"London needs desperately the green measures that a Green Mayor would introduce for a cleaner, safer city. Whether it's cleaning up on air pollution, investing in public transport, increasing the supply of affordable homes, or keeping the police local, Greens deliver on their promises and work for the whole of London."

Her fellow Green Party Assembly Member Darren Johnson will stand as her running mate. No other candidates have yet to declare their intention to stand for the party.

If selected, Jenny Jones would become the third declared candidate for 2012 with the Liberal Democrats the only major party yet to choose a candidate.

Selection for the Liberal Democrat contender was recently delayed after only Lembit Opik got through the initial selection process.


CHPaul said...

Best of luck to you Jenny. You've got my vote.

Anonymous said...

If it's Boris, Ken and Lembit then she should easily scoop up the crucial non-clown vote.

stuart graham said...

I think she'll strengthen the progressive vote. She must call for transfer to Ken - I think she will. Far better she's part of a progressive leadership than ridiculing Boris.

Appealing of Ealing said...

Good. That'll split the Ken vote a bit.

greg tingey said...

Slight problem here.
Pink Ken is still stuck, supporting Dark-Ages believers in the inferiority of women.
The so-called "green" party has the problem of what a friend has called; "Doubleplus Ungood Quackspeak" with regard to security of future power generation - in other words, doing what the French have, very sensibly done, and use nuclear for base-load power.
They also seem to be even bigger nannies and interferers than the last labour lot.

Then there's Boris, who only got elected, let's face it, because he didn't support people who want women to revert to uneducated child-producing machines.

Ken quite deliberately threw a large part of his vote away last time - will he do the same again?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear oh dear, i've seen Jenny Jones in action and she's really not that good. If you disagree with her or make mild criticisms of the London Assembly she flies off into taking faux offence: a case of 'woe is green'.

And this does risk splitting the anti-Boris vote. I don't think Johnson deserves re-election but at this rate he'll get in again by default

EtonMess said...

She'll do what happened last time and take a load of crucial voites off Ken.

Hopefully, UKIP will stick up someone vaguely plausable to scoop up some of Boris' potential votes.

I actually think it'll be very close next time - BoJo will have lost two crucial parts of his support. First, the "Ooh, 'ees a larff LOL ROFL!!" brigade, and second, many of the outer Londoners who hoped he would be more militantly pro-car, instead of semi-militantly.

Anonymous said...

She is about as much use as the Shower Jobby himself. I remember trying to divine her position on the de Menezes case in her role as a member of the MPA. Her response was essentially "who the hell are you to ask me questions".

In fact, they go together just fine. Greenery as a vacuous style statement with the idiot anti-science stuff left in but the alternative-left anger at power stripped out. Toryism as a daft Mama Bitty show. Jenny for deputy mayor in Boris II!