Thursday, 20 January 2011

Ken Livingstone associates with more dodgy characters

Ken Livingstone was "under fire" last night after it emerged that he is secretly in the pay of the Iranian government (ie that he openly presents a book review show on Press TV)

The Evening Standard and the BBC questioned his "lack of judgement" and Toby Young at the Telegraph called on Ed Miliband to expel this "mouthpiece of a fascist regime" right away.

Now I think Ken's judgement here was wrong.

By presenting the show on Press TV he opens himself up to the old accusation that he is more interested in the problems of the Middle East than the problems of London.

And if Ken is serious about winning next year then he needs to concentrate on listening to Londoners and not get distracted by factional battles and international politics.

However, it did amuse me that neither the Standard nor the Telegraph thought to mention their own "shameful links" to Press TV.

Not least through their former and current employee, and fellow "mouthpiece of a fascist regime" Andrew Gilligan:

Andrew Gilligan, Bendy Buses
Yep that's him:

Andrew Gilligan, Bendy buses
Nor did the source of the story, Tory MP Greg Hands, think to mention that former fellow Conservative MP Derek Conway was also a "mouthpiece" on the channel.

As was LBC radio host Nick Ferrari who in case Greg Hands has forgotten, was David Cameron's personal choice for London Mayor.

All of which should remind Livingstone why he should never have accepted a place on the channel. 

You see you never know exactly what dodgy characters you'll have to rub alongside.


Anonymous said...

Now even Gilligan has been infiltrated by the Islamists

AdamB said...

Coming soon: Andrew Gilligan exposes secret links to himself.

Anonymous said...


Peter Reynolds said...

Boris must be worried about Ken. Why else wouldd he mount such a disgraceful dirty tricks campaign?

This is a disgraceful attempt at censoring and silencing a media organisation because you don't like it's backers. Have you looked at who backs other media organisations and taken a similar stand against them?

No of course you haven't because you're a poodle being manipulated by people more devious than you with ulterior and reprehensible motives.

We should be encouraging the development of media from all corners of the world. That is the way to move towards a more honest, inclusive and peaceful world. The British media is often biased but we would be outraged if any part of it was subject to such a Soviet-like campaign of smear, innuendo and gagging. This is a repressive, anti-democratic campaign you are engaged in and you're being duped by those who are controlling you.

AdamB said...

I've never been accused of being an anti-Iranian stooge before Peter. In fact just yesterday I was accused of being the opposite.

Have you considered that it is possible for somebody writing about these things to be just *shock horror* an individual with their own opinions?

James Cleverly said...


I have to confess that I never, ever, ever thought that I would see you accused of being a Boris sock puppet!

It seems that in the wacky world of blogs' comment streams anything is possible.

Welcome to the worldwide right wing conspiracy, great to have you on board.


AdamB said...

Ha ha. Glad to be here James ;)

Helen said...

A gentleman in the audience at Wednesday's public meeting in Greenford asked Boris Johnson to condemn the Armenian Genocide - Boris feigned ignorance. Anything to do with him liking to boast at length about his Ottoman Turkish ancestry?

Boris Johnson also once called the twinning of a school in Camden with a Palestinian school "grotesque" - evidently he has his own prejudices.

buddyhell said...

The interesting thing about all of this is the way Gilligan uses his blog for the Torygraph to attack Muslims. Anyone who speaks about "Islamophobia" is generally considered, by him, to have links to Islamic extremism...and there he is taking money from Press TV (after he said that he'd quit). Hypocrisy? Surely not. :D