Sunday, 2 January 2011

The top ten most read posts of 2010

Inspired by Darryl here are my top ten most read posts in 2010:

London's least diplomatic councillor celebrated the end of the fire dispute by threatening to cut 27 fire engines across the capital. Picked up by this blog, the story went on to lead news bulletins,  and culminated in fiery stand-offs between Coleman, Boris and James O'Brien on LBC.

Suspended for using charitable donations to buy ball gowns, Bertha Joseph was allowed to keep her job on the fire authority in order that Boris could maintain a Tory majority. Again the story was taken up by BBC London, local and national papers.

Boris does his bit to "tackle Britain's debt culture" by accepting sponsorship from a loans company offering 2689% APR. Another scoop credited to this blog by the Guardian.

From February. A leaked report reveals early plans to cut back on the fire service.

One of the highest paid councillors in the country calls on the government to ban protests on cost grounds. Expect to see more on this kind of thing in the coming months.

"Barking Councillor Robert Bailey blamed a conspiracy against "the indigenous people of this country" today after he was banned from driving for 18 months." This post is from 2009 but still mysteriously gets dozens of hits every week. Are you out there Bob?

In 2013... possibly.

A hugely popular post this one, in which I dig out one of Boris's election leaflets and discover how spectacularly he has failed to keep his promises. Read and weep.

Not quite sure why this post was such a hit, detailing as it did a slightly dull political bust-up between Boris and his opponents, but you never can tell what people want to read, which brings me to the most popular entry of 2010. 

This post detailing serious doubts about the story leading all the news bulletins and newspapers at the time soon went viral and became the most-read post I've ever written, with over a hundred comments and 749 retweets. Within hours Christine Pratt's story had fallen to pieces and her patrons had scarpered.

Blogs eh? Nothing more than a load of gossip and abuse...

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