Friday, 18 February 2011

Harry Phibbs: non-jobber

Over at Conservative Home, Hammersmith's favourite Councillor, Harry Phibbs lashes out at the rise of "council non-jobs."

Phibbs quotes local government minister Bob Neill as saying that:

“Crazy non-jobs like cheerleading development officers and press officers tasked with spinning propaganda on bin collections provide no value to the public."

Now I'm not sure what point Bob is trying to make here, but is he really suggesting that councils shouldn't employ press officers?

Or is "spinning propaganda on bin collections" something that only Bob Neill's press officers are allowed to do?

And as for the "cheerleading development officer," well unlike Bob and Harry I've taken all of five minutes to look into this story, and while it's true that Falkirk council did employ such a person it's not quite the publicly funded non-job Taxpayers Alliance led them to believe.

"In particular, questions were asked about the relevance of the ‘Cheerleading Development Officer’ posts. These posts are paid in full from newly acquired funding from the Lottery Fund – PE and Sport (NOF) aimed at encouraging young people to increase their level of physical activity. They are part of a larger programme of activities, including dance, as well as more traditional sports such as football.

In this case, like many others, the funding came from a bid submitted by the council to the New Opportunities Fund, for additional funding for the benefit of the Falkirk area."

So that's a council successfully getting third party funding, in order to encourage local kids to take up sport. Isn't that exactly the kind of Big Society the government's so keen on?

Because the truth is, as I've written before, the worth of a job is not always easy to judge from the ridiculous titles we give to them.

Speaking of which, I left the following comment underneath Harry Phibbs' post this morning.

Is this the same Harry Phibbs who is currently Hammersmith's cabinet member for "community engagement"? What a non-jobber!

For some reason they've chosen not to publish it. Bloody politically correct nanny-staters...


buddyhell said...

He's edited out your comment, Adam. he's a bit tetchy, that Phibbs fella.

AdamB said...

Yes for a former member of the FCS he's a sensitive flower.

Harry Phibbs said...

Sorry, Adam.
Your comment is now up.
We have comment moderation and got a bit overloaded.

AdamB said...

Thanks Councillor Phibbs. Funny how comments left after mine went up easily enough.

Anonymous said...

That's rich, Adam - my pro-Johnson comment didn't end up in the exclusive, filtered comments section.

AdamB said...

Totally untrue Anon. I haven't withheld any comments.

Malcolm Redfellow said...

I guess I rumbled the "cheerleading development officer" without having to look it up. School PE teachers spotted a decade or more ago that this was a means to the end.

My younger alter ego, many years ago, had the pleasure of being offensively rude to Bob Neill across Havering Council Chamber. He was podgy then; and now appears to be heading the same pie-eating route as his departmental boss.

Easy to see why healthy exercise is low down their agenda.

Eoin Clarke said...

I wonder what impact the Olympics will have on a FGF seeing Johnson returned? I ask this as a red...