Thursday, 3 February 2011

Leo Boland to delete himself

Leo Boland, Boris JohnsonA review launched by GLA Chief Executive Leo Boland into whether he should make himself redundant has concluded that he can and probably should.

A memo sent out to all GLA staff this morning confirms that:

"The review... sets out that there is no legal requirement for the GLA to have a Chief Executive and that the two statutory functions currently carried out as part of the post - that of Head of Paid Service and Greater London Returning Officer, could be carried out by other suitably qualified officers...

"On the basis of this, and following discussions between Assembly Group Leaders and the Mayor, a report has gone to the Assembly proposing to begin formal consultation on the possible deletion of the Chief Executive’s post.... 

Not to mention the sizeable pay-off that Mr. Boland would receive after being in the job for just two years.

All of which should raise the following questions to Boris Johnson:

If Boland wasn't required, why did you appoint him in the first place, and why did you give him a 12 per cent pay rise on the previous occupant?

Chief Executive of the GLA in 2007-8 


Chief Executive of the GLA in 2009 


And why if his role was so unimportant, did you spend so much time and money on three separate new offices for him?

Maybe it's time for another review?


Anonymous said...

So why is he going really?

Anonymous said...

why should he have a pay off given that he aggressively stopped anyone else he sacked (sorry made redundant) getting one? I remember he once spent loads of money clearing everyone out of the 3rd floor so that he could rent it and then when nobody did spend more money on moving people back - what exactly has he delivered apart from getting rid of a lot of people? I'll be spitting blood if he gets a penny

Anonymous said...

he was the same at barnet, wasting money on ridiculous moves, deleting posts, recreating posts, think he thinks of himself as the lord of "monopoly" wasting money (taxpayers money)

liability, of the highest order, and he will undoubtably get a huge payoff for wasting money, while those of us that save money, get nothing? strange hahaha

hope he's not heading back our way, we already have too many high paid posts, and not enough "normal" paid posts.