Thursday, 24 March 2011

Boris Johnson finds "magic money" for Croydon Tramlink

Bank Note image by Beau Bo D'or
Shortly after getting elected Boris Johnson scrapped Ken Livingstone's plans to extend the Croydon Tramlink saying that:

"What we want to do is stop pretending the tooth fairy will come. Some of the plans we just don't have the money for and the others were never very good ideas anyway."

A spokesperson told the Evening Standard that implementing such vanity projects would:

"mean finding more than £3billion of "magic money".

So fast forward to the start of Boris's re-election campaign, and what do you know, the tooth fairy has come for Outer London after all:

"The Mayor of London has vowed to push through the stalled tram extension to Crystal Palace, despite no concrete plans on how to pay for it."

Magic money for all!


Darryl said...

I wonder if that has much to do with Ken's recent trip to Croydon? It's a bit marginal down there, after all.

AdamB said...

Team Ken have been down there a lot and I think even launched their campaign there, so I'd be surprised if it didn't.

Anonymous said...

If Boris hasn't reformed the design team and reactivated the design and consultation processes, this is all meaningless. Boris scrapped the extension just at the time tricky decisions were being taken about the exact route and terminus so it will be interesting to see if he really wants to get involved in all that nuts-and-bolts planning.