Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Boris Johnson spends £20k moving redundant official

Boris Johnson spent almost £20,000 on new offices and furniture for a man whose job isn't even now required at City Hall.

Leo Boland who is set for a £300k pay off, moved offices twice, costing almost £10,000 in furniture and over £9,000 in labour.

According to a breakdown provided to the Labour group on the London Assembly:

  • £9,698 was spent on new furniture
  • £7,000 on mechanical and electrical works   
  • £2,035 on contract labour
  • £325 on fixtures and fittings

Total: £19,058

Costs included the conversion of a fifth floor photocopying room and "substantial works to redirect the air extraction unit."

No explanation is given for the inadequacy of the room and furniture used by Boland's predecessor Antony Mayer.

Explaining his decision to delete Boland's job at City Hall, Boris Johnson told staff that:

We need to ensure that we put every penny we can into making this great city even greater, and that means taking decisive action where we can to reduce unnecessary costs.

Perhaps you should have taken that "decisive action" a little sooner eh Boris?


Anonymous said...

Someone tell the TPA!

Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson was boasting about a year and a half ago that he was "Delivering More For Less". Really looks like it to me.

I guess this also sums up what the Tories mean when they say "We Are All In This Together".

Liars and hypocrits the lot of them.

Mrs Angry said...

The important question here, surely, is what has gone wrong with Boris's hair? I've long suspected that he was not, unlike me of course - a natural blonde - but I think your photo suggests there may be a desperate home dye kit attempt to freshen up his image for the campaign, all gone horribly wrong. Perhaps Mrs Johnson poured the neutraliser on at the wrong point, or perhaps she was having a bit of a laugh at Boris' expense?

Anonymous said...

This is Boris Johnsons idea of going Green. People should explain to Boris that buying a Potted Plant is not going green and Environmentally Friendly because there is more to it than that.